Alternative ad platforms other than Google Ads

Google and Facebook are the two tech behemoths when it comes to digital ad spends. Digital duopoly as they are called, Facebook and Google possess a stronghold over the customers claiming a shy of 60% of the digital ad market share.

While Google is the matchless leader of search advertising, offering unrivalled and unprecedented access to the billions of users using their platform, Facebook is the dinosaur of the social media giant that offers unequalled granularity of audience to help target your potential audience like never before.

Google for search and Facebook for social media, isn’t that enough? Doesn’t that cover almost all your marketing and sales goals? Evidently not.

Just like you, your competitors are on these platforms fighting for the same audience, probably with more budget spend than yours. Expanding your marketing and advertising horizons to capture new and niche audience has become extremely important today. If you are thinking along the same lines then this article is for you.

Here are the two best alternatives to Google and Facebook advertising platforms you must know:

 Amazon Advertising:  

If at all there is any other competitor that can chip away the share of Google and Facebook advertising in the coming years that would be Amazon. With the addition of revamped programmatic display advertising (Amazon DSP), Amazon is all soaring, growing year-on-year recording exponential growth with its advertising.

An undisputed king of retail products, Amazon accounts for more than 55% of shopping searches. With all the user’s shopping data at their fingertips, it understands its shopping audience better than both Google and Facebook and it shows:

  • Amazon currently offers better ad conversions than Google and Facebook.
  • Amazon Sponsored brands and sponsored product ads covert 3 times more than Google shopping ads.

With its Demand Side Platform (Amazon DSP), Amazon had ramped up its display advertising platform to help sellers advertise on all the Amazon properties and affiliated exchanges to offer even better returns for sellers with little effort. Amazon is not just an alternative but it can be a great choice over Google and Facebook when it comes to retail products. 

Amazon advertising has got a great going for itself and will soon catch on Google and Facebook in its niche segment. As one of the best online advertising companies in Hyderabad, we are already experiencing the willingness of our clients to jump on Amazon advertising and it’s a welcoming change.

 Microsoft Advertising:

Yes agreed, Microsoft is never gonna be the first choice search over Google. But that is exactly what gives it an opportunity to offer something unique for the advertisers. Microsoft advertises Bing, Yahoo, and AOL which has a combined audience of 120 million who are mostly a unique set compared to Google. And when you are advertising on Bing, you are automatically advertising on all three Bing, Yahoo, AOL and its owned and operated websites and exchanges. A traditional rival to Google, Microsoft advertising offers almost everything that Google Ads offer to improve your advertising returns and also makes a one-up over Google in certain aspects:

  • Accounts for 36.2% of the U.S desktop search market. ( target the US)
  • A higher percentage of an older audience (more affluent) – a niche profitable segment.
  • Unique affluent audience – lower CPC – higher ROI.
  • Improved device targeting as compared to Google.
  • Don’t have to build from scratch, you can directly import your Google AdWords campaign into Bing Ads

High costs, heavy competition, a rise in the need for a niche audience, the necessity of expanding product visibility are some of the reasons why Facebook and Google are not just enough to market and advertise your products. It’s not always like you have to only pick one among Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft. The best advertising strategy entails leveraging all the advertising platforms simultaneously as per your marketing and advertising requirements.

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