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This is a continuation of A Beginners Guide to Understand the Amazon Demand Side Platform. You can find the part-1 here.

The whole ‘Amazon Advertising’ can be distinctly divided into two segments: Amazon Ad Console that takes care of PPC services on Amazon and Amazon DSP which is revamped version of display and video ads off-Amazon platform.

While Amazon Ad console drives the audience on the platform towards the sale which is kind of limited, Amazon DSP with its Display, Banner, Image, and Text & Video Ads, boosts the brand visibility, brings-in new customers, encourages potential buyers to engage with the products, retargets the potential customers all while triggering brand-recall and ultimately driving them to sale. So how does Amazon DSP accomplish that? Read on to know:

What exactly does Amazon DSP provide you?

Amazon DSP allows you (advertisers) to buy display and video ad placements along with a suite of tools that help you engage with potential customers on the Amazon platforms: Amazon, Kindle, IMDB, Fire TV, FreeDive and other affiliate third party providers. Amazon DSP provides different types of ads that blend in with the respective platforms:

•    Mobile Banner Ads

•    Desktop Display Ads

•    Mobile Interstitial Ads

•    Image & Text Ads

•    In-stream Video Ads

•    Mobile Interstitial Ads

All the features look as same as any other Ad Manager managed by online marketing companies, so what makes Amazon DSP so good when compared to other platforms, you ask? Two things: Amazon’s data intelligence-powered targeting and its access to Amazon’s Properties.

Amazon’s Data Intelligence – The most powerful Customer data available on the planet:

An e-commerce behemoth, Amazon has got an unparalleled understanding of customer and purchasing behaviour that is a result of continuous customer data refinement since 2003. Clubbing this mountain of customer data with the Big Data, Amazon can predict who, when, what, why are more likely to buy a product. Imagine this as an engine of the Amazon DSP that is further put into motion by customer targeting options based on the behaviour, lifestyle, contextual, remarketing, audience look-alike, and advertiser audience models to accurately get hold of the audience.

Okay, we get it but how does it help advertisers?

So how does Amazon DSP help advertisers?

As advertisers upload the content, Amazon Data Intelligence gives out the ad targeting & placements options and then the ads are served by the ad exchange to the publishers (Amazon apps, websites and third party exchanges).

Through these ads, advertisers can gain access to a wide range of potential customers on these platforms, who can be divided into two classes:

Lifestyle audience:

A broader set of audiences with connected interests who can be targeted to improve brand recall.

In-market audience:

Audience targeted based on their purchasing behaviours in the recent past, their purchase browsing history and may also be connected to the keywords of the brand’s products.

Now the customers who show the purchase intent can be targeted again using Retargeting methods with meticulous methods possible. Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) gives you the power to target the audience who merely looked at similar products sold by your rival brand or other products sold by your own brand.

You can retarget shoppers who looked at or engaged with your products but weren’t converted, and you also can even target the users who visited your brands’ website. In addition, this Amazon DSP also provides Dynamic Ecommerce ads that directly target millions of potential customers taking them to the product details page on the platform to complete the sale. The Amazon DSP takes care of all the placement options to help you target the widest and most relevant audience possible, for your product.

In short:

Amazon DSP marries the powerful customer data of Amazon with the highly efficient ad targeting models to drive purchases and boost your sales volume while providing you with more visibility and attention along the way. 

Unlike Amazon Ad Console which is limited to the customers on Amazon platform, Amazon DSP brings-in the new customers retargets them and drives brand-recall to put them to place you in their loop, without you have to anything. Just upload your ad content and Amazon takes care of the rest.

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