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Using only e-commerce platforms like Amazon to drive sales is not really the most profitable option to boost your sales. Of course, it helps with sales, but does it help you improve your sales month-on-month? Nope. 

 Want to know why? Because you are already surrounded by all your competitors whose products are more or less similar to yours. Sometimes even better, feature or price-wise. Yes, Amazon does help you with PPC on their site but then again you are competing aren’t you? So using an e-commerce site does help you score sales, but at the end of the day, they are limited.

Bringing-in the new prospective customers to your products is one way to improve your sales, which is the same as, you reaching out to the prospective customers who are more inclined to buy your product/service.

Facebook Marketing is one tried and tested way to accomplish this task. With unparalleled insights into what people like and what they don’t Facebook gives you a unique advantage of targeting your potential customers with laser-like focus at an unprecedented scale.

If your product renders a unique value proposition to a well-defined target audience, you can easily boost your sales using Facebook Marketing.

To get you started here are 3 simple Facebook Marketing tips to improve your sales: 

 Popping Images & Persuasive Content:

Imagine a regular user who scrolling down his timeline. What do you think robs his attention for a second who scrolls his timeline? Images. Page–popping, eye-catching ones.

Be it an image, gif or a video, visual richness takes precedence on Facebook. More often than not, marketers use regular social media banner images for their marketing and the poor results show. Club an eye-popping image with powerful and persuasive words that convey your value proposition and let the engagement begin.

Install Facebook Pixel: 

 A Pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website to know your customers better by watching over their actions. Placing a Facebook pixel on your website helps Facebook gain better insights about your customers to tailor and optimize your ads to target your audience with improved focus. This way you can reach new customers on your Facebook & Instagram which is the whole point of E-commerce marketing.

Even though you haven’t yet started your Facebook Marketing we advise you to install Facebook Pixel beforehand too so that everything is set and ready to optimize your ads when you jump-into Facebook Marketing.

Focus on Retargeting Campaigns:

On an average 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts without ever completing the transaction. If it is common to assume that users will get back to purchase but in reality, only 6% of these users return to make the purchase. Isn’t it scary to think that the customers who haven’t return go to your competitors with similar products?

And this is where retargeting can help you. Retargeting your customers can keep them in the loop and help them make the purchase easier. According to research, 70%of the users are more likely to return when retargeted with display advertisement which is why CTR of retargeted ads is at least 10 times higher than regular ads. So focus on retargeting and add-in the coupons and offers, and let the sales flow!

 We know we are only scratching the surface here with the above 3 simple tips. Facebook Marketing is intensely competitive and hence requires in-depth expertise and efforts to truly outshine your competition. With 11 years’ experience in E-commerce Marketing, Samskriti Business Solution is the Best Facebook Marketing Company in Hyderabad that has helped scores of clients boost their e-commerce sales.

If you are looking for E-commerce Marketing game with a goal to improve your sales, Samskriti Business Solutions can help you.

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