There was a time when websites used to static pages that had certain information about certain company or brand. But gradually, mainly after Amazon entered the market in 1995, it became a great platform to increase the on-shop business. The online marketing and shopping came much later. But the time we are living in is defined by social media. Corporate houses spending a lot of money to keep their social media marketing smooth and running and they are doing it not only to attract the viewers but, to them, it is a great means of earning revenue both directly and indirectly.

Billions of social media users are coming online to share their experience and thoughts and it is a pool of information. There are companies who are providing analytics, users’ demographic data and online behaviour to convert the followers into buyers. The company can generate area based offers and schemes. For example, let’s say that there is a huge demand of Christmas tree in Los Angeles but not that great in other parts. A company selling such trees can concentrate on that area in particular; the social media is a great tool to gather such information. Strategy depending on trending is very effective. This huge information is the key to generate more traffic and gradually more revenue.

Another important role that the social media does is that it is a bridge between a company and viewers. One has to remember that the primary reason people log on to social media is for entertainment. This casual approach can be turned into an interesting conversation with intelligent posts and attractive offers. The followers will bring in more people to create the brand awareness and that, in coming future, will get reflected in the cash box.

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