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Gauging, managing and shaping consumer behaviour had to be the most crucial factor in driving sales and revenue whether in B2B or B2C industry. Any medium or platform that accomplishes this is a gold mine for digital marketing.

Many platforms though start off well, grow massive and yet they slowly wane over time when it comes to impacting consumer behaviour. But not YouTube.

YouTube – The world’s no.1 platform in shaping consumer behaviour:

With more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users YouTube blends the power of social and video marketing – a lethal combination when it comes to measuring, managing and shaping consumer behaviour.

Delivering content in the visual form, YouTube with its massive reach is a crucial stage part of a consumer’s journey. Today it even pushed Facebook to second place to become the no.1 platform that influences consumer behaviour (Animoto research here).

How to leverage the power of YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is both powerful and rewarding for every type of business and yet not many businesses completely extract the best of this social video platform. The majority of the business does not even get started with YouTube Marketing and the ones who do quickly lose steam and wane in the long term.

So what exactly business can do to hit the ground running and reap the rich rewards of YouTube Marketing – we discuss exactly the same in this blog today.

YouTube Marketing – Our approach at Samskriti: 

As a digital marketing company in Hyderabad, we have lifted many YouTube channels from the ashes and boosted their growth with our YouTube Marketing Services.

Our secret? As one of the best YouTube Marketing companies in India, we dedicate a considerable portion of time to understanding the core base of users and then adopt best practices to hit the ground running and then optimize.

While in this blog today we are going discuss fundamental procedures to understand the user persona, next blog is dedicated to a 5-step blueprint to kick start YouTube Marketing. Read on:

Get the base right – Understand your users:

Understanding your users is crucial for many reasons but the most prominent one is that it gives clear guidance for the content creation and distribution process. Randomly making videos based on your product or services and trying to get reach anyone or everyone doesn’t really help.

But how do you know your exact audience when you are starting from the ground up? As a business, you are well aware of the ideal consumer in mind, but that is simply not enough, especially when you are aware and reach your primary goals. So how do you know how to target and generate content? Here‘s how you can approach:

1. Look into your analytics: Your website is the first place you need to audit to find the demographics of your target audience and users who likes to interact with your products and services. So head to Google analytics and scour through the audience data and insights as starters. 

2. Social media analytics: Social media analytics is your next pit stop for our data shopping and this is going to help you a lot since YouTube belongs to the same clan. Know the audience that is engaging with your posts and interests in your content. Social media platforms keep complete tabs on your audience and give you all the reports for your perusal (go to audience section).

3. Create customer personas:  Customer personas are the amalgamation of all the audience data research you do from web analytics and social analytics. Create a comprehensive customer persona panel with name, age, economic status, motivations, goals, challenges, pain points and this is going to be the ideal target users that guide you during your content creation process.

4. Competitor analysis: Most likely your competition is high and soaring o YouTube which is why you must analyse them. Drill through their content, know their strengths, USPs, their audiences’ problems
(tip: go through their audience engagements – comets can be goldmine). 

5. SWOT Analysis: Now that you improve your understanding of competitors, this is the time to conduct a full-on SWOT analysis to evaluate and know your current position and potential. This helps you zero in on the right YouTube Marketing strategy for your current goals.

But how do you get started and optimize your YouTube channel for better views and engagement? Don’t worry we have created a 5-step blueprint for YouTube Marketing in your next blog, which you can find here. Having said that if you are looking to kick-start your YouTube marketing and are looking for the right YouTube Marketing Company in India, Samskriti Business Solutions can help.

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