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If you are a business that is looking to reap the rich rewards of YouTube Marketing but does not have a set plan of action, then let’s change that with this blog is for you.

But before we delve-in, here is a recap of our first blog:

Understanding the persona of your TG (Target Group) is crucial to strategize and execute any marketing strategy. In our last blog : How to Kick-start Your YouTube Marketing in 2022?, we have discussed the procedure to develop your ideal consumer personas using Google and social media analytics. Then we got our heads into competitor SWOT analysis to give you a good idea of gaps & pain points you need to address for your customers with our content. Now that we have covered all the groundwork let us dive into a five-step blueprint to set up and market your YouTube channel effectively. So today with inputs from YouTube Marketing Services team at Samskriti Business Solutions we are going to provide a 5-step blueprint with essential steps to kick-start your YouTube marketing. If you are looking to set up, grow and scale your video marketing on YouTube, then this is one is for you. Read on:

A Five-step Blueprint to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022:

Step-1: Keyword Research:

If you have got an idea of SEO and Google search then you might already be aware of their importance. To put it short, a keyword tells the crawler what your video is all about and sets the right expectation for the user.

  • Perform keyword research for your video content (you can even use the YouTube Search bar for suggestions as well).
  • Use one main keyword for the video title and the other side keywords for the description. You can use the keywords for video tags as well.

Step 2: Write Compelling Titles:

The title is what the user stumble on when the user searches with a keyword. So you need to give him enough reason to click on your video and an interesting title is how you do it. Here are a few guidelines for better YouTube marketing:

  1. Focus on the content you are delivering and communicating; point what you are video is all about and how does it solve the problem.
  2. Keep the title short (60 characters) and interesting. One tip our YouTube marketers at Samskriti Business Solutions often use unusual words are phrases that simultaneously tell what users can expect and what we are delivering.
  3. Days of clickbait are almost done and stay away from them.

Step-3: Focus More on Thumbnails

If titles are the keys Thumbnails are the engine for your video. An interesting thumbnail can give mileage to even the most generic video. While we have our hands tied in titles, the thumbnail is a creators’ playground and a quirky, yet relevant thumbnail is like adding a booster pack to the skateboard.

Step 4: Optimize your Channel: 

 As a brand, you need to give your channel a professional makeover that helps improve your brand awareness and making channel art and profile customization is where you start. Here is basic check list for optimal YouTube channel marketing:

  • Have standard creatives ready for your profile building; start with mages for headers, thumbnails, and short channel trailer.
  • Use your high-res company logo or headshot (for bloggers). Write an informative description and give links to your social media and website.
  • Once you get yourself enough content, you can club different videos to make playlists to help users find your content easily.
  • Use a clear call to action for every video and you can also leverage a custom end screen to redirect the users to your other videos and nudge them to subscribe.

Step 5: Promote & Push your Videos Online

Now that we got all the creation and optimization covered, it’s time you promote and push your videos to reach their target audience.

  1. Make use of your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to promote them to your core audience. However one must identify relevant channels before you do the same.
  2. Join or create social media groups (Facebook, LinkedIn) that can help you push your content to similarly themed groups.
  3. Create blog content centred on the video and integrate them into your website.
  4. Publish videos on a quality publishing site. You can also perform guest positing by integrating the videos into the content.

From laying foundations with customer research, content creation to video and channel optimization and promotion we have covered all pillars of YouTube Marketing to help you grow your channel. If you have already gone through all the steps above but are not still able to drive growth, then it’s high time you employ YouTube growth strategies and tactics.  And this is where Samskriti Businesses Solutions can help. As one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad, we are equipped with full-scale expertise, tools, and resources that can help you improve the growth of your YouTube channel. If you are looking for the Best YouTube Marketing Services in Hyderabad, then you can contact us here:

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