Twitter Marketing - 3 Fool-Proof Tips to Improve Your Reach & Engagement on Twitter in 2022

Twitter has always been a tough nut to crack for businesses for years. As a result, most businesses are forced to use Twitter only for identity, hygiene and customer service purposes and thus are missing out a sea of opportunities that Twitter can generate in a short time.

Even businesses that start fine usually hit a plateau in terms of reach, engagement and followers. So how can a business break this plateau and leverage Twitter for better business growth? Our Twitter marketing experts at Samskriti Business Solutions explain.

3 Fool-Proof Tips to Improve Your Twitter Reach & Engagement in 2022:

1. Repurpose your existing content into tweet threads:  

Got engaging blog posts that are not gaining enough traction and traffic? Twitter specializes in spring boarding them into the limelight.Here’s how to design a professional website

Unlike other social media platforms which are more focused on making connections, Twitter, at its core is all about sharing ideas and content even from people who are not part of your network. You have valuable content at hand and also have the right platform to distribute the content for you – so why not push your content marketing efforts?

Samskriti’s suggestion:

 Select engaging blog posts on your website and repackage your existing content into engaging tweet threads. Composing these microblogs in succinct language with compelling images can help you reach the right organic audience and boost your engagement. “We recommend doing at least 7 high performing tweet threads before you make fresh tweet thread that directs your audience for more information on your website”, says one of our Digital Marketing Executive at Samskriti Business Solutions.

2. Try out new content formats:

Repurposing your existing content help you quickly improve your reach and engagement but it is more or less is limited to your current core audience. While repurposing your content must always be part of your strategy, special focus must be placed on generating fresh content in new content formats.

Samskriti’s suggestion:

 Focus on the concerns, motivation, needs and requirements of your target group of audience and build content around them. Most importantly find interesting content formats to dish out the content. Businesses can leverage videos, gifs, and even memes to acknowledge, identify or solve these problems. In addition to this, a business can ask questions, conduct polls, host tweet chats and provide quick responses to further augment the experience and nurture their audience.

Analyze Twitter analytics data of your organic content:  

Now that you have built a solid organic base from your organic tweets and threads, it is time to dive deep down into analytics to know what exactly is working for you. Twitter, with its extensive back-end analytics, will help you dive deep down into your audience analytics to find new hashtags for better reach, discover influential Twitter IDS (for look-alike audience), and uncover hidden opportunities.

Samskriti’s suggestion:

 This deep dive down into your organic reach and engagement using Twitter analytics gives solid understanding and insights for making paid promotions on Twitter:

1. Evaluate for your best-performing tweets in terms of engagement and reach. Analyse what made them tick and made them resonate with the particular set of audience.

2. Lookout for Twitter micro-influencers or community members who were responsible for amplification of your engagement or reach.

3. Identify new hashtags that have granted you access to the new set of audiences.

4. Evaluate the performance of content formats to identify the best performing formats.

“While you can organize these insights to craft better content that resonates with your audience, the best thing about this analysis is the help it can provide for you paid campaigns on Twitter”, chimes in another Digital Marketing Executive at Samskriti.

As said, having these insights in place will not only help you craft the right content but also aid you in choosing the right targeting options, keywords choices, objectives, audience demographics and interests. As a leading Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, we follow a similar approach in a much more extensive manner to break the plateau and help our clients record a consistent growth.

So if you are a business that is looking to unlock your growth with improved reach, engagement on Twitter, our Digital Marketing Experts at Samskriti Business Solutions can help. If you are looking for Twitter Marketing Services in Hyderabad, you can reach out to us here:

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