Impact of Facebook's Meta Announcement on Digital Marketing

By this point, you might have already been aware that Facebook is rebranding itself as Meta. Evidently, Meta is only a parent company, an umbrella for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Application and technologies that were built or acquired by Facebook.

Does this rebranding announcement impact Facebook marketing or digital marketing?

As of now, no. But in the near future, yes.

A social technology company, Meta aims to provide a more expansive immersive experience blending augmented and virtual reality technologies to provide better ways for people to connect interact, find communities and grow their businesses.
To trigger this next evolution in social technology, Meta will have to focus on AR & VR which our digital marketing experts at Samskriti Business Solutions think will have an impact on digital marketing too.
Read on to know-how:

Meta & Its Impact on Future of Digital Marketing & Advertising:

Technology has had and will have a major impact on everything in our daily life.
It was the computers in the early ’90s, mobile phones and the internet in the early 2000s, social media in the 2010s which massively influenced how we interact, experience and, even live.
Each of these essential technologies continues to impact each of every sector giving birth to whole new fields in the process; Digital Marketing is a simple example.

The 2020s is the Decade for Augmented & Virtual Reality:

Now in 2021 we are right at the brink of another evolution in the form of virtual reality and augmented reality that is all set to improve, strike that, transform human interaction and experience.
Virtual and augmented reality has got a lot of potential, will explode and go mainstream in this decade. But how does it impact the future of online marketing? A lot.

For starters, here’s how:

  • Augmented and virtual reality is right now the most effective ways to capture the attention of the audience – brand awareness and buzz generation.
  • Given the most crucial aspect of digital marketing is compelling presentation, augmented reality potentially transforms how users experience the product and service – digital packaging of product or service.
  • As a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, we know how crucial storytelling is when it comes to content marketing and advertising. Augmented and virtual reality is set to become this decade’s most exciting storytelling tool that provides a multi-dimensional experience for users.

User experience, storytelling, product visualization and digital packaging can be taken to a whole new level using augmented and virtual reality. Many businesses in clothing accessories and make-up have already made AR & VR, a part of their Omni marketing & digital marketing strategy.

With Facebook kick-starting their Metaverse project they are all set to accelerate development of VR/AR gaming and their usage in our daily lives. It is safe to assume that Facebook, now Meta with Oculus VR will power VR to go mainstream – the way we game, interact, experience products and services and live in this ‘always online’ is going to change.

AR & VR – The Next Avenue in Digital Marketing:

AR and VR will go mainstream in the next few years and no doubt will garner public attention. And wherever goes the public, marketing and advertising finds its way there to flourish. So it’s high time for any brand to take steps towards leveraging AR and VR in digital marketing to make them a part of their Omni-marketing strategy.

If you are a business looking to explore more advanced strategies to push your digital marketing efforts by a notch, then our digital marketing experts at Samskriti Business Solutions can help.

As one of the early pioneers of digital marketing in Hyderabad, we stay abreast of new developments in this continuously evolving digital marketing industry. At Samskriti Business Solutions, our digital marketing experts have already made virtual reality a part of the Omni-channel digital marketing strategy for some of our clients.

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