SEO and PPC Strategies

Some people take it for granted that SEO and PPC are two separate strategies. They are indeed different in many ways. But if both of the strategies are used together in a tactful way, it can bring out fruitful results. Samskriti has enriched experience in applying both SEO and PPC strategies to the online businesses for sustainability and enhancing the lead generation and organic traffic.

SEO Lead Generation

The key to SEO lead generation is by optimizing the website for search engines. Some SEO strategies which can help in optimizing website and generating more leads from search engine is as follows:

  • Optimize the inner content and the homepage: Finding the right keywords to attract search engines and thereby audience is the right way to stick to the strategy. Try to use keywords with lower search volume and use long tail keywords. (keywords specific to the particular brand or product)
  • Build active blog and optimize the blog posts: Regularly post fresh content, images, keywords, back linking and social media engagement on the blogs. Use subheadings in the content to be more specific regarding content.
  • Allow guest posting: Guest posting can help build credibility and portfolio for the brand. Guest posting can increase the SEO traffic and trustworthiness.
  • Improve the speed of website: Search engines consider websites which load fast. So, choose a reliable web host, enable caching and make the website responsive.
  • Be active on social media: Search engines also index social media content that can appear in the search results. So, optimize social media as well.

How PPC Traffic Helps in SEO

Pay Per Click (PPC) cannot help Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directly. When we speak of SEO, the organic traffic comes into picture. Google decides the series of results with the help of its own algorithms while PPC drives traffic to a website through paid advertisements. With the help of Google Ad words and many other tools, marketers target specific keywords and pay to ensure that their brand or message is noted before the organic results. Let’s take a look at some of the indirect effects of how PPC can help in SEO

  • Audience who view the ads but more likely click on organic search result
  • Audience who are previously exposed to the brand or message who may likely to click and convert
  • High paid traffic searches can impact organic Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Paid ad links may bring an increase in site traffic. This may get more exposure via social media or other forms of media.

Google keeps updating the algorithms and keeping updated with the changes is necessary. Both SEO and PPC adapts to these changes as well. Hence, it becomes a requirement to update both SEO and PPC strategies.

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