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With the use of social media growing day by day and brand campaigners opting more for profile pages of social media sites, SEO experts have a divided opinion on which to choose: social media or websites?

The question is highly debatable because taking a decision to choose between social media and websites could have a great impact on search engine rankings. The reasons why websites should be preferred over social media campaigns are:

  1. Over 65% of the users prefer to search on company websites to get the information which they require and also the search engines, leaving social media outlets to a small percentage. Consumers are even seen to click on business websites from various sources like Yelp, Google My Business and Yellow Pages.
  2. The top ten search engines index the websites only in order to give them rankings and the top ten factors that are considered for organic search results are related to websites. Value is given on the authority of any business website for rankings.
  3. When it comes to local rankings, Google map results, and local snack-pack are influenced by company websites. Also websites that have information that is local based can be linked to your GMB Profile source and help to boost the local search results.
  4. Consumers generally rely on multiple sources to find what they are looking for, and websites are the major sources rather than the pages on social media networks for gathering relevant information about a product or service.
  5. Companies are more trusted when browsing their websites by consumers moreover for the relevant and exhaustive information that are provided in their website. The image of a product is a website and nothing else.

So, when you come down on weighing websites against social media, the former is definitely preferred.

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