How to rake-in better numbers with YouTube SEO

If you are familiar with YouTube, you will agree that it is one tough nut to crack. Uploading a video doesn’t result in the views unless you make a viral video. And having said that one cannot make the video that goes viral; a viral video just happens. It is a culmination of a lot of factors which are not under our active control.

But what you can do is to optimize your video and to make it perform well. Of course, Content has always been the king. But without a good optimization, your video might sit duck in your own backyard. It is well known how creative content and catchy title and thumbnail will help you gain the traction, so we are not going to repeat them.

So here are important SEO tips that can help your video perform well:

Find better keywords:

Metadata always remains the most important SEO factor to cash-in. It is a crucial source of information for YouTube to recommend your video to the users. So, you will have to provide relevant information for each Metadata factors. So kick-start by finding the right keyword for your video. Use Google Keyword Planner to make the list.

Optimize your title:

Perhaps, the most important of the lot; you must pick the right keywords preferably long tail ones. Since, YouTube primarily works by recommendations, attention-grabbing titles that tag along the popular ones work. If you have already made a thumbnail with the title then you can focus on making the main title as keyword rich as possible without sacrificing the relevance of your video.

Leverage the Description:  

The main aim of the descriptions is to entice the audience. You can do that by mentioning what the video is about, listing out points you are going to cover. Even better if you can align the description with long tail keywords.

Meta Tags work fine on YouTube:

Meta tags have become obsolete in SEO but in the case of YouTube, Meta tags still work. As you know that most of the views come when YouTube recommends your video to the users. It’s found that YouTube takes these tags into account for recommendations. So brainstorm unique tags (more, the better) and attribute them to your video.

Customize your Video lengths:

Video lengths do have a say in making your video relevant for the audience. Shorter video (below 2 min) generally find no takers. Four to five minutes is the sweet spot as they get more views. But it generally depends upon the content you are delivering, if it is information and valuable 10-15 is fine too, anything more than that is a tough ask.

Benefit from Co-visitation:

Ever noticed that after you watch a video, you are recommended another which you most probably would have watched too. This second video is recommended by YouTube based on Co-visitation factor. This factor is metric that quantifies the eligibility of your video to play after the first. This is a sure shot way to increase the count if you tag along with a popular video. Unfortunately, you can do it on your own but YouTube must recommend it by using the co-visitation factor. But you can simply increase your factor by using the following tips:

  • If possible, align your video making it a natural successor of the first video.
  • Publish or embed the video on the same platform of the popular video.
  • You can also target the keywords of the particular video or even YouTuber.
  • The good old way is to encourage your audience to view the next video for information.

The toughest job out there is to consistently bring-in better views, but your job can become a lot easier if your content is fresh and creative. The above tips can only help as much, but they do help.

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