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Do you know that you can rank videos on both Google and YouTube and get double the audience or traffic?

The case may not be always double but it definitely would be more than your current traffic.

So, let’s take a sneak-peek on how the YouTube and Google rankings differ:

  • SEO Factors: In YouTube SEO, the rankings on the first day will be first within 24 to 48 hours, where the video does extremely well. In Google SEO, If a web page is created and optimized, it does well for the life of a video. Hence, in a nutshell, YouTube’s first 24 hours decide how the video will do in a long run while Google would need an year to determine how the website would do further
  • Authority Building: Authority on YouTube fluctuates within a month’s time. If you keep posting videos but they are of no interest to the audience, the authority goes down and ultimately dies. So you have to struggle and keep engaging to keep up with the authority part. In Google, if you keep building more links , the authority keeps increasing.
  • Link Building: The third difference between YouTube rankings and Google rankings is building of links. Two different factors determine rankings. Google looks out for the website which is linked to other websites the most. Linking with your competitors is a tough call but if you come across a website which is linked to all your competitors and they are okay with linking, then your website will have advantage. YouTube is all about engagement. Audience may move on to another video of another person, it can help counter your video score. The more engagement you create on YouTube, the more successful you become.
  • Engagement: When it comes to Google, engagement is where they look for the number of people who search for the site and how long they stay on the site before going back and looking for another website. YouTube engagement is measured through comments, likes and even dislikes for that matter!
  • YouTube Rankings are easier than that of Google’s: It takes Google six months to one year to get the results. In YouTube, you can see the results in a time span of just 30 days. Thus, you can get more traffic from YouTube within 2 years than building a website and gaining traffic from it.

Both search engines serve the needs of the audience. While YouTube is specifically devoted to videos, Google covers a wider group such as content, images, videos etc. for the audience. Providing high quality and informative videos is utmost important as it can increase your rankings.

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