Here’s Why Live Chat Must Be Your First Step to Boost Your Business

How many times have you gone through the FAQ section of a website in vain hope of getting your answers cleared? Too many times, I guess.

It’s not mandatory for your question to make it to the FAQ section. Is it? And even though it did, you rarely get a satisfactory answer.

“Please send us a mail if you have further queries” reads the line in the closure.

But seriously? Why would anyone care to send a mail for a query, only to be responded after a day or so?

Even if he did, what are the chances that you will get him back after the pass?

Close to zero.

Resorting to these age-old customer-care practices is a thing of past and will severely hurt your business if you are not up to date with the latest business tools in the market.

Live Chat is one of those must-have tools that can potentially take your customer experience to whole new level altogether. Here’s how Live Chat can help you:

Let’s you engage and serve in real time:

Time and again it’s been a proved how prompt response is the hallmark of the good customer experience. And that, before the advent of online marketing. Today the prompt response is an absolute necessity and has become the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Fast and personalized response builds the trust very quickly helps in engaging and building a relationship with the customers.

Boosts leads and betters the conversion:

You’ve got a good product or service to offer. You have been monitoring your website growth and are very happy with the traffic. But you are perplexed that there are no leads and the response is bleak. The reasons could be many, but you could drastically improve your leads and their conversion resorting to a live chat that assists your website visitors promptly.

According to statistics, 63% of the customers who use this live chat, return to the website and 38% of them have made a purchase solely due to the chat session.

Saves money and time:

First things first the live chat set up is quite easy and very much efficient as multiple chats will be handled by live chat agents simultaneously. The live chat software comes with a lot of features that can be customized based on your requirements decreasing the queue time thus saving the cost incurred and time spent. Cost-effective and productive as well.

Gives you an edge over your competitors:

With heavy competition from all fronts, it’s high time you stand-out from the competition with better customer service. Live chat not only helps you with your customers but also assists you in improving your service as well. Analysing the chat session also gives you an extraordinary insight into the customer’s mind, their problems with your products, complaints, compliments; which can serve as an extraordinary feedback to improve your products and services.

So looking to incorporate Live Chat into your website, do it as soon as possible and you will surely reap benefits.

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