Google Feed is now Google Discover with New Features and New Look

Google is upping its game even further with a new major update to their Google Feed. The Search Giant has come up with a new design and better features for its ‘Feed’, which will be now called as Google Discover.

So, what is Google Discover?

Google Discover is slated to be your new personalized newsfeed that shows up under your Google App and Google Chrome Page. Your search experience is going to get more personalized with this curated content of news, sports, videos and more based on your interests and search activity. And it is entirely customizable as you see fit.

What happened to the ‘Google Feed’ then? 

Google Discover was built upon ‘Google Feed’ with a new visual design and host of cool features to make ‘Discover’ a more appealing and tailor-made experience to the users. So it’s the new name, new look with even better features.

What are the new features of Google Discover?

Google Discover comes up with new topic headers that let you explore more topic, Discover icons that lets you follow the topic, Control icons that lets you control how much they want to see a particular topic. Discovers comes up with new videos about and stories that may help you with your query The new Featured Videos tab with visual previews and also shows relevant videos based on our interest and search activity. Google also plans to bring a lot of other features like Google Lens and other cool features and even Multi-language support to this ‘Discover’.

How did Google come up with ‘Google Discover’?

It has always has been Google’s mission to inch closer and closer to keep you up to date about everything we care about.

Google Now was the Google search feature in Google app launched for Android & iOS in 2012 to give daily update ‘cards’ on the information you may need. Google Now later came to be known as Google Feed and now the all-new Google Discover with even better features and customizations.

So in short, Google Discover is more of an updated version of our Google Feed.

Where can I find Google Discover?

Google Discover will be soon available inside the beloved Google App for your Android phone. In case you own a Pixel, Sony or any other Android One powered devices, you can find it on the leftmost screen of your smartphone.


Google Discover is going to be at your service through google dot com on all web browsers as you sign-in. And the new feature is all set to make an appearance on your Smartphone’s Google App in the coming weeks.

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