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Come this March Google is going to roll-out it is mobile-first indexing to the whole web. Here on, the mobile version of your website is to be the primary web version for all the search engine ranking purposes and this massive change can impact the rankings and possibly alter the way the SEO is performed for your website.

Though Google tipped about this shift earlier and even postponed it to March 2021 from September 2020, there seem to be so many anxieties laden silent whispers among the Digital Marketing Community which could be due to lack of proper information. If you are an SEO worried about the shift and are looking for more information on this topic, then this blog is for you. Here are the 4 things you must keep in mind as the mobile-first indexing rolls out:

1. Mobile-first index is the only index and you can’t opt-out of it:

Earlier Google had two indexes – Desktop and Mobile each index with their own rankings. However, with the mobile-first update, there is going to be only one primary version which is mobile. In case you have a different mobile website, then this website is indexed first and these URLs are shown to the user on Google SERP. And remember, once Google moves over to the mobile-first indexing, there is no going back. You can’t opt-in by yourself and you can’t opt-out manually, mobile-first indexing is here to stay, forever.

2. Don’t worry if your website is mobile-friendly:

It is common to hit the panic button when it comes to any significant Google update that can skew the rankings. However, the mobile-first indexing update is different when it is compared to the others since it doesn’t impact the rankings if the mobile website version is adequately taken care of.

Let us explain: Since the mobile-first indexing update takes the mobile version of your website into the account for indexing if your mobile website contains the same content as your website version and the experience on both mobile and website remains the same,  you have not much to worry about.

3. You can perform a mobile-friendliness test:

If you are unaware of whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can simply check it yourself by using Google mobile-friendly test tool which gives you a report and even identifies the issues to fix them.

You must keep in mind that, the test is just a primary filter to identify mobile-friendliness. For example, in a few cases, one can block a few page resources making the page mobile-friendly but blocking few essential resources can sometimes impact the font style decreasing mobile usability. That is, even when you pass the mobile-friendly test there can be few instances where the resources are blocked and are made inaccessible to crawling, impacting the ranking. So examine the page closely and fix them as early as possible.

4. Provide the best and identical user experience across desktop and mobile sites:

The mobile-first indexing is here to stay. So the simplest advice we can give you is to provide the best user experience that is identical on both desktop and mobile websites.  And the step towards this goal must start with the content. In most cases, content on the mobile website is cut short and is made brief for a better experience which can bite your back when it comes to mobile-first indexing.

Make sure the content on a mobile website is as extensive as it is on a desktop and make all the changes to accomplish this goal. On top of this take special care of the structured data, metadata, Ad placement, images, videos, Meta robot tags on your mobile website to ensure a smooth user experience and better indexing. The above 4 things come to our first thing we hear the mobile-first indexing but it doesn’t stop there. There are many aspects that can play a crucial role in the ranking – page speed, mobile usability, UX design, and obviously Mobile SEO best practices. If you are a business owner looking to weather this storm and bring your website on to the top, then you need expert help from our SEO experts in Hyderabad at Samskriti Business Solutions. Being the Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, we have been helping businesses improve their ranking and more importantly their business, with our expert SEO services in Hyderabad and can help you too.

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