Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Marketing which was relegated to print and broadcast communication even until 20 years ago, has jumped leaps and bounds in past few years and continues to do so at a lightning speed, all thank to digital technology which has enabled this rapid rise.

Online marketing has opened the Pandora box and digital technology has helped marketers reach and communicate with their consumers at a far deeper level and the bar seems to increase year on year. Digital marketers now are always on the look-out for new digital advancements and trends and strategize a way to take all help possible to drive reach more audience, improve conversions and reach their marketing goals.

As one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions always keeps track of the new advancements in Digital Marketing which we test and subtly adopt into our digital marketing services for better marketing performance. As for 2021, here are the top-3 Digital Marketing trends you must try out:

1. Voice Search is here to stay & thrive:

With rapid advancements in Google’s voice assistant, Apple’s Siri and Alexa, Voice search is estimated to grow by more than 50% in this year with the smart home along contributing to 60% of the usage. Naturally, people prefer voice search in their devices and this could mean a new frontier for SEO that must be tapped for better SEO performance. Given the voice search is still in its infancy for optimizations, the faster you latch onto and adapt it into your SEO the better results it can bring you.

2. Influencer marketing can be the ladder you are looking for: 

Influencer Marketing is the by-product of social media, where the massive following of popular individuals can be used to reach the potential audience and promote the brand. Not only you can reach a massive audience but also can feed off the credibility and popularity of the celebrity. The goals which usually cost a lot of time, resources and efforts can be reached easily with influencer marketing and this is high time you leverage this in 2021 if you haven’t already.

3. Improve conversion with conversational digital marketing communication:

While voice search is slowly gaining prominence it does take time to fully reap the benefits, Conversational digital communication and marketing are fit and ready to help you with conversions. People today prefer talking and engaging with AI chatbots that specialize in conversational communication to engage people and solve their problems in real-time.

AI-enabled chatbots with support from human interaction allow prompt one-on-one communication between customers and brands, can be deployed on multiple platforms customized according to the customer’s device and platforms. Conversation marketing that is optimized intelligently for the customer can rapidly enhance user experience and provide customer satisfaction which is one key goal when it comes to communication and marketing.

Voice search, Influencer marketing, and Conversation digital marketing tools are three trends our digital marketing team at Samskriti Business Solutions had tested. All three trends are being adopted by blending them into our digital marketing services in Hyderabad. If you are a digital marketer we advise you to look into these three trends and if you are a business looking for voice search services in Hyderabad or Influencer marketing services in Hyderabad to leverage them for your business, you can contact Samskriti Business Solutions

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