Must know SEO trends 2021

It’s January and it’s precisely the time of year where our SEO executives at Samskriti Business Solutions analyse the developments, both past and recent from Google to anticipate the upcoming trends in the SEO landscape.

Being one of the best online marketing companies in Hyderabad, we have always stayed ahead of the pack in identifying, adopting the latest SEO trends. Every year this has helped us formulate new strategies and also make tweaks to our existing framework for better SEO performance and this time it’s no different. So here is the list of SEO trends in 2021 that our folks vouch for better results:

Mobile SEO is the New SEO:

Google has already started considering the mobile versions as the primary version of the website and this brings Mobile SEO into the centre stage of discussion. Mobile-first indexing update that is slated for March 2021 removes all the desktop-only sites from Google’s index. All SEO is soon if not already is Mobile SEO and its high time you implement Mobile-SEO into your digital marketing plans. Here’s a little dive into the topic for additional reading.

Focus on Local SEO:

Pandemic causing global business disarray in early 2020, the latter part of the year witnessed a massive surge in the local search queries. With remote working slated to continue for a major part of 2021, focusing on your local SEO efforts can give you a massive boost if done right. You can start by cashing-in on the local keywords for your business, working your way through online directories, developing content for local services, events and optimizing for voice search mobile devices. Local SEO is more of the foundation for your services whose fruits you can bear in the coming few months.

Long-form Content Works Better:

After extensively testing our content forms, we have concluded that long-form articles (>1000 words) are more favoured than shorter ones. So if you are gunning for a top spot, then make sure to focus on long-form content (2000-3000) by implementing the E.A.T principle you will read in the next point.

Implement E.A.T:

E.A.T – Expertise Authority & Trustworthiness is one of the key principles that Google abides by, to gauge the overall page quality rating. You can implement it into your content strategy in 2021 to boost your quality rating by adopting the following tips:

1. Generate professional and niche content that is specific to the market or industry from certified experts.

2. Flash the expertise and credentials of the professionals and update the content regularly.

3. Grab quality links from high authority domains, also acquire reviews.

In short produce quality professional content to exhibit your prowess (Expertise), acquire Authority and Trustworthiness with credentials and reviews. So thoroughly execute your mobile SEO, double your efforts on local SEO, and focus on long-form articles for your blog by implementing the E.A.T principle and you are surely going to witness better SEO performance for your website this year. Having said that the above 4 are only general trends in SEO, there will be more coming your way from our list in our next blog. If you are looking for more information on the above trends or you are in search looking for SEO Services in Hyderabad that can provide you better results in 2021.

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