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Do you know that on average 25% of your lead data is practically unusable?

And from the rest, 3% loses its validity every month if you just stay put. Yes every month.

So now, is your lead data clean and accurate to help your sales team convert your leads?

Most probably no.

But here’s a good news for you: a mere 10% increase in the lead data quality amounts can result in humongous 40% jump in you revenue.

So how do you improve the veracity of your data?

Answer: Lead Data Enrichment

Lead Generation:

Bringing-in the new customers is crucial for any business to grow and the ultimate aim of all the Branding, Digital Marketing, and Advertising (online or offline) is to turn your audience into valuable leads. The leads that bring-in the new customers to drive the sales, generate revenue and profits.

Lead Quality > Lead Quantity

Lead generation happens when the costumer is stimulated by the product or service of the seller enough to give his details. However the lead is considered relevant only if the customers can be easily identified with the information provided. The data collected thus can be full of errors, redundancies and devoid of critical information needed to help your sales and marketing executives.

So no matter how rigorous your lead generation process is, the data you collect needs to be accurate and clean in order to make conversions.

Incomplete & Inaccurate data  > Loss of time, money, & high value revenue opportunities

According to Experian Research, 97% of the companies suffer from the most common data errors associated with the customer contact data. Missing, duplicate, outdated and inaccurate customer data are the most common problems faced by the companies around the world. 

It is estimated that around 23 to 40% of this data is wasted due to the data quality problems resulting in loss of revenue and time, not to mention the opportunities lost to your competitor who is powered by lead data enrichment services.

Lead Data Enrichment Services:

Lead data enrichment is the rigorous step-by-step process that cleanses your data, fills the missing information to make it unique and up-to-date so it can help you easily connect, build and make new customers out of the leads. If leads are your darts, lead generation is the process of sharpening the darts to help you hit the target, here sales.

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