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55% of the consumers rely on YouTube videos to make purchases decisions and 70% of the users watch on YouTube is determined by the algorithm (history). These two facts alone can help us figure out what a gold mine YouTube can be when it comes to product promotions.

Enormous reach, Creative marketing, advanced targeting, simple ad metrics & extraordinary ROI make YouTube the best platform for your product marketing advertising campaigns. However, YouTube Marketing had been a rich man’s game for a few years now. Big players in the market who could splash their marketing dollars were the only ones who could leverage the power of YouTube advertising. YouTube used to be a niche area that requires dedicated creative resources and also money for small to medium businesses to get on the boat.

But YouTube has been making consistent efforts to help every business leverage the power of this second biggest search engine bringing out handy updates. 2019, saw the rise of three awesome updates that can remove the creative roadblocks that most businesses bump into.

Here three updates from YouTube that can help you help you leverage the power of YouTube Advertising effortlessly:

Bumper Machine:

Crisp, cool and attention-grabbing video content is what brings the most views without interfering with the main course (video). But not many know how to make them to the tee and that’s where YouTube comes-in to lend a helping hand.

Leveraging the power of Machine Learning YouTube now helps you create a 6-sec crisp ad without any hassles. Just throw your long videos into the Bumper machine and it right away delivers a 6-sec impactful short jab of an ad; yup just like that. And you can further edit the output to suit your vision.   

 Discovery Ads: 

Don’t have any video assets for your business but still want to ride on the video advertising wave? YouTube’s Discovery ads are what you need.

Lack of proper ad video assets is what thwarts most of the small & medium business using the clout of YouTube to promote and make sales. And the Discovery ads help them bridge this gap by helping you display your ad sans any video material; neat, no?

 15 – Second Non-skippable Ads:

YouTube helps you take advantage of a wide variety of video lengths to help you tailor your creative communication to your target audience. And 15-second non-skippable ads played an important role in capturing the attention and they were right in the mix since the day YouTube started its advertising. However, they have had limited access and were reserved based on the preference of Google.

With the recent update, YouTube’s adding the 15-second ads to the Google Ads and Display & Video 360 to help you wield your power by incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

YouTube has this ultimate power to reach out to the billions (clocking 2billion/month right now) creatively and it is only at the starting stages. It is no longer needed to have a niche creative department or big marketing dollars to leverage the true power of YouTube Marketing. Because YouTube, with its new updates, is gradually bridging the gap, making itself more resourceful and accessible to the small & medium businesses at the creative front. Need more help with YouTube Marketing? Samskriti Business Solutions is the Best Online Marketing Company that can help you.

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