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Google process an average of 40,000 manual searches per second that is 3.5 billion search requests per day and 1.3 trillion in a year. And we are only talking about Google here. Then there are Bing, Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo etc. clocking in even more searches, amounting to staggering numbers

But do you know that these staggering number of searches are going to get halved by 2020?

Why?  People are ditching search engines?


Internet’s slowing down?

No, not really.

Hold your horses’ folks, it’s the Voice Search. It has come into the fray lately and is all set to claim half the search request share.

Voice Search – The Dawn of Smart Search

The technology has always made the stuff easier for the users and voice search is no different. It has slowly changed the way people scour the web and the future of search is going to be dominated by the Voice Search. Today:

  1. Mobiles account for 70% of the search and these mobiles happen to be the main drivers of voice search and are going to be big in the coming years.
  2. Google has Google Assistant, Apple is powered by Siri and Alexa takes care of voice search for Amazon and these tech giants are investing a fortune in fine-tuning their digital assistants.
  3. Smart homes are gonna be the future and guess what happens to be the backbone of these services: The Voice Search.

Voice search has long passed the threshold and is gearing for its breakout years. Be it for the young or elderly, voice search is going be huge in the years to come. And it presents an extraordinary opportunity for the businesses to optimize their search results for the voice search.

Voice Search Optimization 2019:

No doubt, voice search is going to better the conventional search in 2019, especially on the mobiles. It is nothing short of a golden apple for folks looking for revving up their Digital Branding. The first step to leverage its power is to optimize your SEO strategy for Voice Search.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Strategize for local search:

Voice search particularly revels in local search with a substantial chunk of people looking for local content, services, and businesses. So invest your efforts in Voice Search SEO with a focus in local SEO.

  1. Curate your business listing:

Have you had your business listed in Google My Business listing? If you haven’t yet, please do at it as soon as possible. If you have already done it to make sure that all the information is up to date.

  1. Content Strategy: Questions & Answers

Voice search is far from the conventional search in the way the query is made. The user no longer gives the keyword they ask a question and expect answers. So remodelling your content with questions and right answers can help you with the search rankings.

  1. Make it mobile friendly:

Majority of the voice search queries comes from the mobiles and making your website mobile friendly with structured data, AMP and increasing the speed of the website can help you a lot in making it to the top.

The above tips are simple and straight forward but only make up for the small chunk. Choice of keywords, structured data mark-up, creating Google actions and Alexa skills and what not? , there is a lot of work that can be done to straightaway bring the results for you.

But the question is: Are you ready to leverage the power of Voice Search Optimization for your Digital Branding and Search Engine Rankings?

If you do, we folks at Samskriti Business Solutions can help you!

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