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Remember the days when the only way to buy a product is to visit the store. Those were the days when brand visibility was solely dependent on the ads. Then came, in the web revolution bringing the customer and business as close as possible, the brand building avenues have opened up and the web has doled out many options for the customer. And the Mobile subsequently has placed the world of services and products at your fingertips.

From conventional shopping to the mobile shopping via the desktop, each of them had improved upon their predecessor by enhancing the user experience and more importantly making things simple by closing in the distance between the business and end user.

And today we are staring at the next big thing that is all set to befall us: The Digital Assistants.

Digital Assistants 2019:

Voice is for mobile what mobile had been for desktop; an easy and seamless improvement. Powered by the voice search the Digital Assistants have created an ecosystem redefining the way people search, shop and more importantly how people perform their daily activities.

From giving tips on daily activities, automating the tasks for you to recommending best products to shop, the Digital Assistants are fundamentally changing the way you interact with the world. Thus, giving an extraordinary opportunity for brands to help their customers by providing a huge value and thus increasing their brand visibility and value. Knowing the needs of the customer and strategically providing the services to create value has always been the holy grail of marketing and today, Digital Assistants is the center of that Holy Grail.

Imagine reaching directly to your targeted audience with all the information of their needs, Digital Assistants provide a superb opportunity to have an unprecedented edge over your competitors by improving your brand visibility and value.

Here are three simple tips that boost your branding you benefit from Digital Assistants:

Build interactive experiences for your target audience:

The interaction with the user form the base for digital assistance you are going to provide. So make the content conversational, well thought out and indexable in the context of users query to provide a better interactive experience.

Understand the context to give relevant answers:

The context is what makes the personalization possible and relevance of the answers makes your brand stand out. Unlike the normal search the tolerance of users for irrelevant answers is less, people expect relevant answers and there is no looking back if you can champion the relevance by understanding the context and journey of the user.

Voice Search Optimization is the key:

Voice Search Optimization is for the voice search what SEO is for the text based web search. As users are slowly moving towards the voice search, you will need a solid voice search optimization strategy that can help your brand stand out. Here’s a simple guide that can help you: Voice Search Optimization – The New Trend for Branding

Leverage the skill space of the Digital Assistants for marketing:

Brands can open up a sea of possibilities by leveraging the skills of Digital Assistant to subtly create brand awareness. For example, the detergent brand, Tide has equipped the Alexa with a skill that helps users remove stains on their clothes by asking a set of queries. All the user has to do is to ask Alexa for help and it guides you through the process. This is one example of how brands can subtly use the Digital Assistants to provide the value to their users simultaneously promoting their own brand.

We are at a point where every development in the tech field is rightfully aligned for the Digital Assistant to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. It is estimated that number Virtual Digital are Assistants are gonna exceed the human population by 2021. Never has been the time easier to get reach your target audience as it is now.

And the question is: are you ready to make use of the opportunity?

If yes, then we folks at Samskriti Business Solutions can help you!

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