It’s just believed that you need to spend a lot of money for CPR (Cost Per Result) in Facebook Ads campaign. All this is just a hoax. A well designed campaign which can target the right audience is essential. If it is a new brand, it should be made visible to the right audience.

Tips to reduce CPR

  • Target a more specific audience: Before you begin a campaign, when you are planning for it, the initial step to take is to decide which audience to target. It should be decided based on the brand and the aim of the campaign
  • Keep an eye on your campaign: Relook at some of its aspects if you need to. It needs to be visually appealing and should have attractive words and phrases
  • Use the right call to action cues: Suppose an image campaign is running. The campaign can only be a success if people interpret it in similar way rather than in different way. Hence, the right to action call cues should be used on the copy as well as the creatives
  • Be attentive when it comes to lead forms: The aim of campaigns should be to generate new leads for the brand. The designing aspect should be crisp and clear and the audience should get the message easily after which their feedback should arise. Hence pay attention to your lead form
  • Align your Target Audience and Campaign Objectives: Be it for any campaign, it is run obviously to gain success and thereby business and profit. But if you simplify the campaign too much, it won’t get much importance. There should be a particular set of standard for the campaign which can impress the target audience you have in mind
  • Refresh your creative: It is best if the creatives are refreshed in every two weeks to avoid ad fatigue. If the target audience has seen the ad many times repeatedly, it may create boredom. Or if the ad is too familiar, it can also cause ad performance to drop of at a faster pace

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