Strategies play a vital role in any kind of marketing process for achieving faster results. Pay Per Click Marketing is a process which needs a proper planning and strategy to implement either CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. PPC Marketing is a process of gaining more traffic for a particular website or e-Commerce portal by placing ads and buying the position of ads on search engines. It is purely referred as paid search marketing, as search engine traffic is based on targeted keywords placed on creative ads in cost/pricing model.

The main theme of PPC marketing revolves around three main attributes like Searchers, Search Engines and Advertisers. People who search in (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) major search engines for buying products are referred as Searchers.  Advertisers are the real sellers who are given an option to display their ads on search medium through competitive edge of relevant keywords.  An online marketing company that has the strategic mind and thought to explore the keywords for running an ad campaign on major search engines is must for arriving at successful leads.

Winning Strategy Steps for successful PPC Marketing:

1.    Campaign Setup: According to the client business focus, the relevant keywords are segregated and formed into the ad groups. An Ad campaign is setup with definite ad groups using creative ad copies that are linked to the landing pages.

2.    Managing Campaigns and Improving Quality Score: When the campaign is active, PPC experts check the performance of the campaign and keyword strategy relevancy. If there is low quality score for the keyword listed in the campaign, PPC experts review and revise the keyword segregation and required website and adcopy changes to improve the quality score.

3.     Increase Bids: PPC experts increase the bids to bring the keyword to top positions for successful functioning of ad campaign and improve the conversions rate.

4.    Follow Google Analytics: PPC experts analyse the performance of active campaign through Google Analytics to track and check the traffic flow, target keyword relevancy and bounce rate. Linking AdWords account to Google Analytics account helps to manage active campaigns perform better and reach the goals of the campaigns.

5.    Modify Active Campaign: Analyzing Google Analytics report, PPC experts modify and optimize the campaign for better results. They make the necessary changes in the campaign and make them active in the campaign.

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