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A black swan is an extremely rare event of large magnitude and severe impact that is far outside the realm of conventional expectations. And 2020 has delivered us a Black swan in the form of COVID-19.

From the way we work, places we go to the ways we spend our time and money, there isn’t left a single aspect of life that COVID-19 hasn’t impacted so far in 4 months. And this has resulted in massive ramifications for online advertising and marketing for all the sectors of businesses. Naturally, PPC advertising is the first to cope with the blow of these market fluctuations caused by the pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19 on PPC Advertising:

The impact of COVID-19 on PPC advertising is different for different industries based on the market demand and fluctuation suddenly caused by the pandemic. As the majority of the users are in search of health and medical-related information and products, the search volume, ad clicks, conversions for health and medical PPC campaigns recorded strong positive numbers. And it goes the same with PPC performance of charity and non-profit campaigns.

With businesses adopting remote work options, there has been a surge in demand for fast-moving consumer goods and it shows in the numbers. There has been a 40% increase in the search volume of Beauty and personal care products with good numbers in conversions and sales. Another sector that has massively benefited from the remote working model is the media and entertainment sector. Being the only major source of entertainment right now, we recorded a massive surge in clicks and an almost 100% increase in conversions in our PPC advertising campaigns during last 2 months.

However, there are few sectors that have experienced a fall in their PPC performance primarily due to the mandatory lockdown measures taken by the government in the wake of a pandemic. Travel, live entertainment, sports, real estate, hotels, and restaurants have copped severe blows, with most of the players pausing their ad spends. But as we are slowly returning to the normalcy few industries are on showing good promise both in terms of search volume and conversions.

Take the Real-estate sector for example. With uncertain economy looming over our heads, the real- estate took a stick when during the early days of lockdown. But the lowest ever home interest rates available today has generated a positive movement among the prospective home buyers today. So it is going to get better with time and we are in for a positive PPC performance in this category as well.

Being one of the ‘Best PPC Management Companies in Hyderabad’, Samskriti has had the privilege to work with the business both global and domestic across all sectors. And working behind the scenes, we have helped many businesses improve their PPC performance during this COVID-19.

So, what is the scope of PPC advertising in the COVID-19 era?

It is true that the COVID-19 has literally rocked the boat of almost all businesses. But that doesn’t mean you have to retreat. Adapt, improvise, and thrive must be the mantra of every business right now. Analysing your prospective clients and audience and investing smartly on your PPC campaigns while others take a step back can prove to be a game-changer right now. At Samskriti we have been doing exactly the same.

How Samskriti can help you improve your PPC Advertising Performance during COVID-19?

For businesses that have slowed down during the pandemic, it is important to rethink their business strategy from ground-up. At Samskriti, we take this time to get back to the drawing board and come up with the right plan to strengthen the relationship with the customer while we spruce-up the website, content, and other marketing avenues that help the PPC campaigns. For businesses that are showing a ray of promise, we further analyse the purchase intent of the users to suggest ways to increase the value to the prospective customers with like premium offers, cashback, and add-ons. For businesses that are already recording a positive performance we further push the clutch by optimizing the PPC campaigns to deliver better ROI during these testing times.

So need help with PPC Advertising for your business? You can contact us here: https://www.samskritisolutions.com/

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