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This is the last part of the series ‘Facebook Marketing for Businesses: A Simple Guide for Facebook Ads. Please go through our Part-1 & Part-2 before you start this piece here.

So, we have had a brief session about types of Facebook Ads and how each of these Facebook ad types targets your audience in different stages of a purchase. In this article let us focus on the formats of these Facebook ads and their role in your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Types of Facebook Ad Formats for your Marketing Campaigns:

Facebook offers a wide variety of ad formats based on your Marketing objectives and naturally, there is more than one type of ad that is suitable for each objective. So read on:

Facebook Image Ads:

Being a visual platform, image ads are the most basic and essential type of ads that Facebook offers on its platform. Just pick a visually rich image that communicates your product or service, add a minimal text on the image (less than 20%), write up a compelling content with clear CTA and your single image ad is good to go.

This type of ad is the most basic ad format that can help you reach your potential audience to boost your brand awareness, exposure, and customer engagement. Just make sure your image pop’s out and is supported by an engaging content to make most out of the Facebook single image ads.

Facebook Carousel Ads (Multi-Product Ads):

Facebook Carousel ads take the single image a step further by enabling you to display up to 10 images and videos for your products to help you tell your story. Your audience can swipe through each of these images/videos where each of the images/videos will be accompanied by titles and call-to-actions. As your users click on any of these, they are redirected to the product page accelerating the buying process. Carousel ads are best suited to generate sales and leads for your products or services.

All you need is high-quality product images of resolutions 600 x 600, or 1080 x 1080, and Ad copy text that doesn’t exceed 90 characters, headline, and link description that doesn’t exceed 25 & 30 characters. At Samskriti Business Solutions, our Facebook Ad experts and Content writers work in tandem to deliver high-performance Facebook ad campaigns to deliver the best ROI in the market. If you are looking to seek help from the Best Facebook Marketing Company in Hyderabad, you can reach out to us here.

Facebook Video Ads:

Videos ads serve the same purpose of image ads except with better engagement giving out more value to the users. A video ad gives you a superb scope to tell your story by engaging your audience while helping them discover your products and services. A video ad can be placed anywhere in the place of image ad and it gives a more feasible opportunity to drive better engagement, traffic, and sales than other formats.

Facebook Slideshow Ads:

Slideshow ads cover the middle ground between images and video with their lightweight package. Termed as video-like ads, they deliver the best of both video and images with their eye-catching experience. With Slideshows ads, high-definition images are clubbed together to give out eye-catching experience to the users. They are an improvement over image ads and serve as an alternative to video ads when you are on short or budget or your user lives in a region with low internet speeds.

Facebook Collection Ads:

With their immersive experience, Facebook collection ads are an improved version of carousel ads. The hybrid mobile format of collections ads enables you to blend images, videos, and a slideshow to deliver a more immersive experience. For example, you can upload your video and showcase your products that are promoted in the video through Carousel or sideshow and as customers click on the link it redirects to the landing page that helps you make a sale. Collections ads can help you boost your traffic, improve conversions, and sales of your products and services by giving you more creative freedom.

Above 5 forms the most important types of Facebook ad formats and they can be used in different forms to accomplish all your Facebook Marketing goals.

As every business gets to leverage the full benefits of Facebook Marketing platform, it’s the creatives and content that play a crucial role in helping you stand out from your competition. And this is why you need expert creative help to conceive and execute a high-performing Facebook marketing campaigns. Being one of the ‘Best Facebook Marketing Companies in Hyderabad’, Samskriti Business Solutions has helped many small businesses leverage the potential of Facebook Marketing to boost their sales and revenue and can help you too.

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