Facebook Marketing for Businesses in Hyderabad

This is the continuation of Facebook Marketing for Businesses Part-1 that you can find here.

All the Facebook Ads broadly fall into three categories: Awareness, Consideration & Conversion. Each of these categories caters to a different section in a sales funnel.

For example, Awareness Ads are for users at the top of the sales funnel i.e. users who are not aware of your brand or product and Awareness ads help you improve your brand recognition and outreach. Similarly, Consideration ads cater to the audience at the middle of sales funnel and Conversion ads at the bottom.

Being the ‘Best Facebook Marketing Company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions has helped businesses with all the above objectives to accomplish their marketing goals delivering excellent ROI in the process. If you are a business owner looking to leverage Facebook Marketing for your businesses, getting to know the different types of ads based on objectives can help you gain a good understanding of the platform.

So here’s how each of these Facebook ads targets a different section of users based on the purchase behaviour of the audience:

Awareness Ads:

Awareness ads as the name suggest, are all about improving the awareness of your brand to the audience. The Awareness ads help your prospective customers discover your brand, connect with you, and get to know your products/services.

These Awareness ads are further divided into macro-categories which categorically help you improve your brand discovery, local awareness, and enable you to reach as many users as possible.

Use Case:

Awareness ads can help you improve your brand visibility and are particularly helpful if you want to create a base audience for your business. The ad format can be high-quality images or intro videos, and when paired with the right content, you can truly benefit from these Facebook ads to meet your brand-reach goals.

Consideration Ads:

Consideration is the next step after awareness in the buying cycle of the customer. This is when your prospective customer is aware of your brand and now you make all the effort by providing value and improving your likability to make them consider your product or service. Conversion ads are the Facebook ads you run to drive website traffic, improve post likes and engagement, generate leads, install your business app, and more.

Use Case:

The whole point of consideration ads is to get your customers to push towards a sale by providing value and improving credibility. You can do this delivering value: Got an offer running for the month? Use it for your ads. Got a valuable blogpost that can provide value, you can push it through your ads to deliver value to your customers and direct the traffic to improve likability.

Conversion Ads:

Now that the users are aware of your brand/product and are you have improved your credibility and likability, it’s time to convert those users into your customers using Conversion ads. Conversion ads are targeted for people at the end of the sales funnel by directing them to the product/services page with your product catalogue, or driving them to your website or getting their information (if it is your end-goal).

Use Case:

Conversion ads are deployed to convert your users by helping them make that purchase decision. As you are already targeting people at the end of your sales funnel, you can accomplish this by placing a code called Facebook Pixel on your website. This code tracks your customer behaviour on your website, helps you remarket to your audience, optimizes your ads for a future audience.

As soon as your zero-in on your Facebook marketing objectives, it becomes fairly easy to chart the next steps. But only if you chose the right ad format for your objective. Yes, ad formats do have a say in the campaign performance.

So what are the different types of Facebook ad formats and which format goes well with which objective, you ask? Well, that’s the topic for the next part in the series: Facebook Marketing for Businesses: A Simple Guide for Facebook Ads – 3.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to leverage Facebook Marketing for your business and need help to your Facebook Ads. Samskriti Business Solutions is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad with a remarkable track record in delivering superb ROI with Facebook Marketing.

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