Facebook Marketing for Businesses in Hyderabad

Get to know Facebook Marketing for Businesses. With 1.6 billion active users every single day, Facebook is the king of social networking platforms. On average, each of the users spends 20% of his day browsing Facebook, giving an ample opportunity for businesses to reach out to their potential customers at an unprecedented scale like never before.

It has never been this easy to reach the audience at this scale in the history of mankind, and the buck just doesn’t stop there. The true power of Facebook is its ability to help you precisely target your potential customers based on their:

Demographics: Age, Location, Languages, Ethnicity, Education, Industry, Life Events, etc.

Interests: Entertainment, Food, Family & Relationships, Fitness, Sports, Technology, and more.

Behaviours: Digital activity, Travel, Media, Purchase behaviour, and more.

With Facebook Advertising, you get to reach out to your target social media users who perfectly fit your requirements, giving you a better chance to make a conversion.

Facebook Ads for Businesses:

But not all the services and products are the same, similarly, every business has got a separate end goal in mind. And Facebook has designed its advertising platform to cater to the marketing and promotion goals of all types of businesses, which is not a simple task.

A simple look at Facebook Advertising can overwhelm business owners who wanted to get a fair idea about the advertising platform. And why not? Facebook offers 6 ad formats that can be deployed to target user base in 14000+ ways based on your requirements that you chose from 15 objectives.

Though it sounds complex, once you get h gist of the platform, it’s a fairly easy task to know hoe Facebook Advertising platform can help you with your marketing and advertising for your business. 

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In this article series: Facebook Marketing for Business Part 1, we make efforts to simplify the Facebook Advertising platform to give you a fair idea about the whole platform.

Facebook Advertising: Different Types of Facebook Ads

There are different types of Facebook Ads that undergo varying levels of targeting based on your requirements and everything can seem complex when you see them on the whole.

But know this – Every Facebook ad is characterized by two things: Objective of the Ad & Format of the Ad.

  • The objective of the Ad is nothing but your business goal you want to accomplish with that particular ad: Brand Awareness, Engagement & Conversion.
  • The format of the ad is its creative format: Image, Video, Slideshow, etc.

Type of Facebook Ads – Objectives: 

As a business owner who wants to try out Facebook Marketing, you must be clear about your objective.

Want to improve your brand recognition, or reach out to as many potential customers, or do you want to convert your potential customers into your customers?

Facebook Advertising can help you accomplish all these tasks with different ad types and formats.

As soon as you enter the platform, you get to select your objective which could be any of the theses three based on your requirements:

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Conversion.

Each of these three general categories is again subdivided into 15 micro- categories based on your end goals. So what are these Awareness, Consideration and Conversions ads, and how to use them to accomplish your marketing goals? To be continued in Part-2 here.

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