5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Real Estate Sales

The real estate grew in Hyderabad at unprecedented levels in the past 2 years. The boom skyrocketed despite the COVID second wave which presented challenging times in other metropolitan cities. Hyderabad raising in ranks as the most liveable city, its growing influence in global IT and lower prices made its real estate market COVID-proof – until COVID subsided.

However Hyderabad’s real estate last year is a different story. The Law of averages did catch up and the real estate sector recorded a dip of 9% this year. The number of new projects cropping up was in line with the growing demands yet the sales were below par.

Real Estate dip in Hyderabad – It’s not a demand problem, it’s a marketing problem:

The demand for real estate in Hyderabad spread its wings as farther as it could in the past 2 years. The barrier of entry is low, the surge of a surge of new projects is rapid and so is the competition for new players. Reaching out to qualified customers with high purchase intent has become tough. And when they do, standing out among them has become an even bigger challenge now.

Traditional marketing is mandatory for real estate businesses. But in today’s digital world, from promotion to purchase, everything happens on a digital screen, be it mobile or laptop. From showcasing your product to the customer to projecting your USPs, and driving him towards consideration and ultimately purchase, the digital medium is where 80% of the battle is won.

Stronger real estate digital marketing is a precursor for stronger real estate sales:

When was the last time you saw an outdoor ad that persuaded you into action? Mostly, never. Almost all the ads are ignored and the ones that are not don’t really help the cause because one never gets the information and the required details (leads) of customers whose interest the ad piques.

Unlike traditional marketing, real estate digital marketing gives a complete end-to-end customer cycle. From the instance, the customer lays his hand on the ad (clicks), to the day he makes the purchase digital marketing gives a 360-degree view of the customer. Real estate digital marketing helps you meet customers at every entry point and generate ample opportunities to persuade and drive towards your ultimate goals- sales or real estate leads in Hyderabad.

But how? Well, here’s how:

5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Real Estate Sales:

Real Estate SEO and Website Experience:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making the website more visible on the search engine results page. By improving the ranking for a particular keyword we actively show up in the results and bring them onto the website to improve awareness and consideration for our brand and offering. By delivering and smooth and effective website experience, we can effectively present ourselves and persuade and drive them towards conversions i.e. leads.

Real Estate PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

SEO is an organic way to rank higher in search results. While SEO is a powerful way to improve website visits and conversions, it does take its own sweet time for the results to show up.

Pay-per-click advertising as the name suggests is the paid way of driving visits by showing up on top of organic search results. In effect PPC lets us buy a click/ visit to our website or landing page.

The best thing about PPC is that it helps you capture the attention high-purchase intent audience. Your ad showing up at the exact moment one’s looking for a real estate property is the perfect opportunity to snag and sell your proposition and value, isn’t it? Real estate PPC advertising gives you such an opportunity.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Businesses:

Social media marketing helps you take your promotion directly to the public. By advertising in the busiest lanes of the internet (social media platforms), one can generate interest, drives users and score leads through active organic and paid promotions.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter give digital marketing a powerful set of features that helps you target a customer at a granular level. Age, geographic location, interest, personal life milestones, income levels and filters go on to actively target the right audience with high purchase intent.

With creative banners, virtual tours, videos, and webinars each social media platform offers a unique opportunity to showcase your value and USP. All you need is to show up with the right information (content) that helps you stand out among the competition and convert them into a lead.

Content Marketing for Real Estate Business:

Buying real estate property, especially a residential property tends to be the biggest purchase in one’s life. Naturally, many questions and doubts rise and the search engine is the only guide that can help them. By building a content library that has enough blogs, visually rich material, videos, and infographics, one can readily answer the questions and build credibility along the way. Building a content library can do wonders for overall real estate digital marketing as it offers the most effective way to market your USP and stand out from the competition.

Content marketing due to the value it provides to the users is the most powerful real estate digital marketing strategy employed currently in the market. As a result, it is also the toughest one to master. As one of the leading real estate digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions specialises in real estate content marketing services. You can give us a quick call for consultation or assistance.

Remarketing/Display Advertising, Email Campaigns:

 The leads that you get from real estate digital marketing can be further used to open up new channels like Email Marketing. Being the cheapest marketing channel, E-mail Marketing when done right offers a stupendous ROI in certain demographics.

Display advertising is online advertising that combines text, images and video to advertise on websites, mobile apps and social media platforms. Due to its iniquitousness, it offers a powerful way to drive awareness which is the first step in digital marketing. Remarketing is the process of targeting users who have shown considerable interest in the offering.  By blending right amounts of these three strategies once can considerably boost the leads form the digital channels.

All the above digital marketing strategies combine to improve awareness, and consideration and drive real estate leads. But the magic happens when a real estate combines effectively combines it’s traditional and digital marketing activities. This integration amplifies the total effectiveness while bringing the cost down and giving an opportunity to optimize the marketing activities along the way.

If you are a real estate business that is looking to boost your real estate leads in Hyderabad and drive revenue you need to join forces with an experienced real estate digital marketing agency in Hyderabad that can help you win the digital battle while amplifying your traditional marketing.

A leading digital marketing company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions is one of the very few digital agencies with an excellent track record in real estate digital marketing. Our end-to-end digital marketing services helped solve the growth problem for some of the leading real estate players in Hyderabad in a short time. If your real estate company that is looking to boost your real estate leads in Hyderabad with digital marketing, you can contact us here:  https://www.samskritisolutions.com/

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