Geofencing: Grow your Business With This Advanced Location-Based Marketing

Imagine you are strolling in a new neighbourhood looking for a lunch spot. All of sudden you get a text that says: “Get a free coke on your biryani on every order before 2:00 PM, Just 10 meters away from your current location”.

What are the chances of you picking this restaurant for lunch? High, isn’t it?

The restaurant might have won you over this time and if the food is good, you become a long-term customer.

So what happened here? How did the restaurant find you with the right messaging at the right time? How did they know that you are only 10 meters away?

Geo-fencing is the answer. Read on to know more about this location-based marketing technology that can help your target customers at the right time & location.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based digital-marketing tactic where targeted ads are served based on the people within a specific geographic location. The ads are triggered through social media, mobile applications, and notifications or even within Google Display Network when a person enters the pre-defined geographical area. The pre-defined geographical area is demarcated by a virtual boundary called geo-fencing and hence the word, Geofencing.

How effective is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based marketing technology that gives the ability to hyper-target your audience like no other branch in digital marketing. Targeting an audience of a specific category in and around a specific geographical location amplifies a marketer’s chance to engage and convert a customer.

Imagine your geofence in the competitor’s location to serve an ad on the exclusive offer you are running. Geofencing unlocks opportunities this way to attract your customers at right time at the right place and may even help you steal customers from your competition.

Geofencing technology is a location-based marketing tactic that offers a cool way to target and capture the attention of the audience but how effective is it in real-time? According to our digital marketers at Samskriti Business Solutions:

  1. Mobile advertisements powered by Geofencing technology scored 2x CTR as compared to regular ads.
  2. 3 out of 4 shoppers that received the message completed an action.
  3. 93% of the shoppers visited the business after clicking the mobile ad.

The results speak for themselves but the future looks even brighter for location marketing services powered by Geofencing. With personalized messaging being the future of digital advertising, and average phone time at an all-time high Geofencing is the future of location-based marketing services in Digital Marketing.

Geofencing – Setup & Digital Media Buying

CPM (Cost per Mille – 1,000 impressions) and CPV (Cost per Visit) are two buying models in this geolocation marketing. CPM is more commonly used for brand awareness campaigns and CPV is used for store visits in areas with high footfall. The total pricing may vary based on how targeted one wants their ad to be served to the intended audience. There are software packages available both free and premium that set up and monitor Geofencing marketing, this cost may also add up to the total location-based marketing costs.

How to adequately leverage Geofencing for your digital marketing?

Geofencing unlocks new opportunities for businesses by hyper-targeting their audience with the right massaging. It offers every business the same opportunity to leverage location-based marketing tactics so the differential is how effective the messaging content, service or product offering tends to be. Especially for Geofencing marketing where costs can run high, an online marketing company that specializes in Geofencing marketing can offer help to ensure the right ROI.

As a leading digital marketing company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions possess the right expertise and track record in helping businesses benefit from Geofencing marketing solution. If you are looking to leverage advanced Geofencing technology to boost your location marketing efforts, you can contact us here:

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