The web design tools and techniques which are being used today have come a long way since their inception. It would be interesting to note how the web design for different generations differed from each other and how it evolved to a stage where it exists in the present times.

The journey of web design and development passed the following generations

First Generation of Web Design:

In the nineties, there was a sudden overnight leap of the Internet and Netscape Navigator into people’s lives. This was the real beginning of the Internet era. The most important thing that mattered then was to figure out how a website could be created. The Internet was a new concept so most of the IT experts almost had no prior experience of web design which resulted creation of websites which were not attractive at all with inferior picture quality and terrible customer service.

Second Generation of Web Design:

These were the times when the graphic designers tried their hands into designing the web. Though these designs were much better compared to the web designs made in the earlier generation, some of their designs could not be implemented on the web. There were still disadvantages like inferior picture quality, pricing which was not very predictable, unfriendly customer service and low search engine optimization.

Third Generation of Web Design:

The beginning of Twenty first century saw the amalgamation of the computer professionals with the graphic designers which resulted in the formation of a stable and consistent web design company. Both quality of the web design and customer service showed a big improvement during these times Google, a premier search engine came into the foray and aided in accurate searching of information on the Internet.

Fourth Generation of Web Design:

This was the time when IT experts started wondering about one design one company model and also initiated to create the web builder tools. These tools allowed choosing the desired template and designing their own websites. Software was doing most of the tasks and the role of the web designed diminished hence the cost of creating a website became very cheap compared to the earlier generations. However the innkeepers did not have much training in search engine or web design which resulted in the creation of unattractive websites.

Fifth Generation of Web Design:

Just like what happened in the third generation, here too the IT expert and the web design specialists joined hands to create a solid and much improved web design and development company. These companies are equipped with advance tools for web building which enable them to deliver best quality web sites in much lesser time as well as cost.

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