Google Penguin was announced in 2012 and is a code named for a Google algorithm. The aim of this algorithm is to lower the rankings of those websites by the search engine which deviated from the Webmaster Guidelines laid down by Google. This was done to punish the artificial increase in the rank of a web page by maneuvering the number of links which are pointing to that particular web page. Such a strategy is referred as a “link scheme”.

For many companies with websites hosted on Internet, it’s a real bad news if Google has imposed a penalty on the website. To come down in ranking in the SEO can be quite a big shock and much deliberations start from this juncture on how to recover from Penguin penalty.

If by any chance Google has penalized your website, it is better to get the issue resolved as early as possible because once the Penguin penalty is imposed by Google, the visibility of your website will be lost which in turn will reduce the user traffic and ultimately would affect the conversions.
But the good news is that you can have a Google penguin penalty recovery though it might take some time (from a few weeks to a few months) to witness the improvement and be in the good books of Google once again.

Steps to remove the Google Manual Penalty

1. The first step would be to get all the backlinks downloaded from Google Webmaster Tools and Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs.

2. Disavowing all these backlinks at the root domain level should be the next step
3. Send emails to all the websites linked to your websites and ask them to delete your links.
4. Intimate Google by writing that all the back links were taken from Majestic, Google, Ahrefs and disavowing has been done with showing those evidences that you have actually asked them to delete all your links.

Google Penguin Recovery Service

There are specialized websites providing Google Penguin Recovery Service who conduct audits for your backlinks and would do a thorough research on the overall backlink profile. These online service providers would also point out the concern areas and assist you in tracking those links which might come in the Google’s Penguin filter. They also recommend following a positive approach in building as well as earning from links.

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