What is that you look from your website? A growing rate of traffic and leads, Right!

Before you move forward to apply hundreds of the online marketing tactics to enhance your traffic flow, it is necessary for you to build a right and applicable form of keyword strategy. Choosing the right kind of keywords that focus your online business and target niche area, you will have more chance to drastically increase traffic to your website.

Here are few tips to arrive at the right strategy for your online business:

Usage of Right Keywords:

Short keywords with high rate of search volumes is an obvious choice for arriving at keyword strategy as it is easily identified and researched. But, in real case, it is likely that 80% to 90% of the traffic you receive for your website is through long tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are presently applicable that have three, four to five words. They have more chances to rank in the search results than those of short keywords.

If you can arrive at the right kind of long tail keywords, it will have more potential to rank better in search results and finally bring in more traffic to your website.Include the possible variations of the long tail keywords through the perfect analysis of search volumes and competitiveness. You can also pick Google suggested searches related to keyword phrases from the keyword you search, and apply it in your list seeing its proximity.

Rich Snippets:

Rich snippets are a way through which you have chance to show up on Google with more prominent features like star ratings, picture, video that becomes more likely to attract the user to click the link while its listed in search results for a certain keyword. As you know Google results are constantly changing, they are adding more color with more images and videos in the search results to grab the clicking intention of the searcher.

Rich snippets are the search listing that has the information regarding brand name and fame in the form of star review count.  It is a way for you to provide the best possible information to Google so that it can display more useful information about your website.

Google supports many types of rich snippets for products, reviews, people, businesses, recipes, events and music, so make use of the best possible way of ethical rich snippets for boosting your website ranking and enhance traffic.

Authorship and Video Thumbnails

As mentioned in the above point rich snippets give a way to more weightage to carry forward any link in the search listings. The two enhanced type of listing in search results are Google Authorship and Video Thumbnails. Install Google Authorship plugin to your word press blog pages to tell Google, with this markup you can tell Google you are the author of the content and your picture can appear alongside of your search results.Authorship is a special feature that adds an author title to the content contributor of a website. It also gives a profile picture to the author in the search listings. Video Thumbnails are also thumbnails of a page’s embedded video that is displayed alongside page search listings for a keyword searched in search engines. They both acts as same like the product based rich snippets that increase the CTR of the associated pages.

Title and Descriptions:

The Meta title and Meta descriptions form a major criterion that determine how a page appear in search results. They are very important aspect for the algorithms to understand and list them in the search listing for any particular keyword phrase. It is essential for you to write a compelling title and description that has the prominence of the target keyword and stands out unique when a user views your listing in searches.

Leverage Your Internal Links

Building Internal links on high page authority pages boost your ranking through passing the link juice to the URL you link. Your website pages itself can be your source of quality link generation in the process of internal links. You can direct the reader on your web-page to different areas of your own website by providing quality internal links to the pages within the website.

Power of optimization

To increase traffic, it is usually the power of optimization techniques, both on page and off page for a website that work wonders. You need to make sure that it is equally important to optimize your page by aspects of header tags, Meta tags, Alt tags and Anchor Text along with the number of back links you build for your site.  You need to make sure your page is optimized to 100% on page optimization grounds as search engine always crawls and list the best optimized website in the search listings. You can apply smart optimization techniques on page to your existing website, and can generate quality traffic in less time.