According to an eMarketing research conducted recently, by the end of 2016, there would be around 2 billion users of the social media and India would be one of the leading players in this growth. Hence it is not surprising that social media marketing has attained such a massive importance in the present era. You must have observed how actively the eMarketers are using the social media marketing for branding.

Seven reasons Why Social Media is so Crucial for Branding

You would now see the top seven reasons how crucial it is to use marketing activities on the social media for business.

  1. Majority of the marketers and social media specialists regard the social media marketing to be one of the top contributors in the success of any marketing activity. Just remember that your business rivals would be using the social media so you should not lose out.
  2. The social media websites are used by 73% of the adult population. This can actually tell you that your business branding would have a better visibility factor than that of traditional marketing.
  3. A sizable population of your target customers are on social media which makes it essential to map the social media into your marketing campaign and branding.
  4. Social Media is a much cheaper method of Business branding is it can be linked to Search Engine optimization. Social media marketing is closely linked with the rank in the Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Social Media is very essential for Business branding as it helps to generate business leads and at a much lesser cost. Social Media Marketing can actually make your presence distinct from the other players in the market place. So as compared to the offline costs, they hep in generating leads at a much lesser cost.
  6. There are useful tools which are provided by the Social Media to do a thorough research on your customer base as well as on your target market. It is very easy to access the profiles on social media like Google+ and Facebook and you can actually find out what they like more vis-à-vis their dislikes.
  7. It is being observed that a sizeable population of the Business to Consumer Marketers say that the social media helps in significant increase in customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers would refer the products to their friends and this is how there is a never ending loop.