What is the Digital Era?

The Information Age which is also popularly known as Digital era has brought a whole new wave of career choices which were nonexistent even a decade ago. However at the same time, it is a big challenge for the stalwarts from various fields like politicians, marketers, entrepreneurs and economists to manage the Digital era.
Hence it is imperative to discuss about some of the career choices which are synonymous with the development of the Digital era.

Defining Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing is a modern technique of marketing execution as well as management by application of the electronic media. In simple terms, it refers to activities like the advertising done through marketing on Social Media, interactive Radio and TV, Internet and Mobile technology. Digital Marketing deals with digital data which is relevant to the behavior and characteristics of the customers. Thus digital era and marketing through electronic media go hand in hand.

A Digital marketing specialist is a person who has the expertise to create as well as maintain different materials for digital marketing like e-mails, banner ads and websites for a particular company. It is his responsibility to work with his other colleagues in the marketing team to create a holistic marketing campaign which can be used in diverse media.

This career choice in the digital era looks so promising that a budget of 1 lakh crore has been allocated for Mr. Narendra Modi’s Digital India Plan. A Digital Marketing Specialist has to handle the conventional aspects of Marketing too like creating brand awareness and brand image, identifying a potential target market as well as monitoring the market effectiveness. Along with these traditional duties, he has to work with the digital media for producing Internet based marketing campaigns as well as campaigns for mobiles.

Defining Digital Media Planning and a Digital Media Planner

Digital Media Planning aims at carefully planning about where, how and when to reach the customers which keeping a constant tab on the Return on Investment. Identification of the target customers using digital tools is a very importance aspect of the Digital Media Planning. A digital media planner should ascertain that the campaign message is very clear across the media in order to make the campaign a big success.

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