Caffeine Algorithm

We all know Google shows us various types of results depending on the algorithm they use. For marketers, understanding the algorithm of Google is very important as it helps them to strategize their marketing strategy and also help them to rank their websites higher on the SERPs.

These algorithms are released by Google every now and then. So you will say why do algorithms change? Google changes its algorithm every year to carter and manages the vast amount of data available on the internet. If the algorithm is not updated regularly then it would become impossible for Google to show recent and relevant searches.

Similarly, like every year, Google has introduced a new algorithm, known as the  Caffeine Algorithm. The main purpose of releasing this algorithm was to ensure that viewers and Google users get 50% fresher results in every search. This algorithm has been one of the most important updates in the history of Google. This algorithm is a great benefit for users as they will get the best and the freshest results out of their search. Hence, if you are writing a blog that is very relevant to a particular search, then Google will churn out the blog and the huge pool of content.

But for SEO experts the entire game of SEO planning and strategizing has changed over the course of time. 

How will this Caffeine Algorithm affect SEO over the globe?

This is the most important question which every SEO professional has. How will this new algorithm affect the search engine results? To answer these, we have jotted down a few points that will help you to analyze your digital strategy keeping the new algorithm in mind.

Social Media Marketing is ruling the SERP

Social media can reap the fruits of this new algorithm? How? If companies post new content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, then they have a great chance of getting their content will get an upper hand on SERPs. The fresh the content, the more chances they will get of ranking higher on Google.

Rephrase your older posts

A great way in which you can get your post seen higher on SERPs is by paraphrasing your old content. Paraphrase your older content, link it to your website and then publish it. Voila! You will see great results. With the new algorithm, Google will pick up posts that are fresh and more relevant. Hence, paraphrasing your older content and presenting them as fresh ones will gain higher chances of getting a good ranking on the search engine.

Add as many links as possible

It is a known fact that Google gives more preferences to websites that generate huge amounts of links. With the new algorithm, Google still relies on links to give weightage to your website. Hence, the more link you have, the better chances of getting your website to rule the SERPs.

Hopefully, this has improved your knowledge regarding Caffeine Algorithm and how new digital strategies will help to dominate the SERPs

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