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Over the last decade, e-commerce has become an essential tool for shopping worldwide. In 2019 alone, the worldwide e-commerce sales have surpassed 3.5 trillion USD with a whopping 1.92 billion people resorting to online shopping. The global pandemic and the lockdown followed as completely made people dependent on online shopping and even more stupendous numbers are expected for 2020.

In a country like India where digital transformation is taking place at a swift speed, e-commerce has rapidly picked up the pace in the last 2 years. From $18 billion in 2018 to $45 billion in 2020, the growth has been extraordinary and is expected to ascent to $80 billion by 2024.

Be it multi-product or single product e-commerce for B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C, the best thing about stepping into e-commerce business is that there is always a place for a new player given the business develops a strong brand for itself.

Digital Branding for E-commerce Business in India:

Given the e-commerce business is one of the easiest businesses to get into, the e-commerce space is fully crowded with players big, small and medium.

In this extremely crowded space of e-commerce business, success is all about standing out from the crowd.  And successful digital branding is what differentiates your business, makes you a stand out, drives your sales and sets you up for a long term success.

How to build an e-commerce brand in India?

If you are one of the business owners when all set and ready to get into e-commerce business we advise you to work on your digital branding beforehand to give you a clear idea of how you would like to present yourself to the audience. 

Here are the 4 simple steps to get your digital branding for e-commerce business started:

Craft a brand story:

The brand story of an e-commerce business is a narrative that communicates your purpose in the form of your goals, mission, values which helps you transform from a non-descript business to a brand that connects with the audience. A brand story is an articulation of your purpose that paves way for what you do and how you do which ought to be reflected in every element of branding. Get it right and you have already laid a pillar for your digital branding.

Create a brand identity:

Your brand identity is a vehicle that carries your brand story to your audience and more distinct your identity is, better your narrative is communicated. A unique logo, colour palette, typography, style and theme make your brand identity a standout, be it with the online shopping experience, social media marketing for e-commerce or any other communication and marketing materials. And more importantly, your brand identity must communicate your unique selling point and pave way for all future communications.

Personalize customer experience:

Customers today no longer buy a product a brand and the experience it creates. Now that you have got your branding story and identity on point, you must craft a personalized shopping experience that simplifies the whole shopping experiences for the users while keeping it as distinct and aligned with your overall brand identity, as possible.

Digital Marketing for e-commerce business: To amplify your brand and drive sales:

A strong functional website, a brand story and identity and a per solarized shopping experience can perfectly set you up to perfectly leverage the SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing for e-commerce business to drive sales and amplify your brand.

While SEO is a pillar for e-commerce business other digital marketing avenues must be picked and focused on, based on your target audience. Having the right digital marketing strategy for e-commerce business to stand pout form the competition and drives sales.

If you’re an e-commerce business owner who is looking for digital branding and digital market services for e-commerce business we advise you to hire an expert digital marketing company with expertise in both digital branding and digital marketing to make the whole experience seamless and efficient.

Being one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad in the market Samskriti Business Solutions has successfully built strong e-commerce brands and have helped them drive their sales with our expert digital marketing services for e-commerce business.

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