Careers in Digital Marketing company for freshers

If you are newly minted graduate who would like make a career in the Digital Marketing field and are searching for compass, you are in for good news. We have made this guide exactly for the folks like you comparing the pay prospects of top 5 Digital Marketing jobs you guys can get into. So read on:

Here are the top 5 promising careers in Digital Marketing for freshers that can pay off very well in the long run:

1. SEO Analyst:

SEO Analyst is the most fundamental job that could get you into the field of Digital Marketing. As the whole world is getting themselves on to the web, websites are highly dependent on the search engines for their business and marketing, making the demand for SEO Analyst in Digital Marketing perennial. And that is why it is listed in LinkedIn’s Top-10 Professional Skills in 2014, 2015 and 2016,2017 and ‘ Most needed skills for company’s’ in 2018.

The primary job responsibility of an SEO Analyst is to drive the audience to the website by improving its rankings in the Search Engines. Performing Keyword Research, Developing on and off-page strategies for the website, Site audits, Competitor Analysis, Monitoring Web Analytics, and a lot more goes into doing the same.

According to Glassdoor, the salary for an SEO professional is around 20k in Hyderabad area. Competent candidates with good communication skills could draw even more.

2. Search Engine Marketers:

A Search Engine Marketer is the sibling of the SEO Analyst, who works for a similar goal but in a different setting and with a greater power and hence more effective. While an SEO Analyst chugs along with the heavy workload to market the services and products by gaining top rankings, a Search Engine Marketer can place his products at the top using PPC marketing. Putting all the baloney aside, Search Engine Marketing is nothing but Search Engine Advertising in Digital Marketing.

Technically speaking, the job responsibility of a Search Engine Marketer primarily includes: Implementation and optimization of this paid search campaigns (read: advertising), Analysis of campaigns and recommendations to increase the ROI, Creating Reports and more.

Search Engine Marketing is one of those jobs in Digital Marketing which demands the right amount of Analytic and Creative skills. And that is why a Search Engine Marketer is always in high demand in Digital Marketing Field. But don’t worry you hit the ground running by choosing a good Digital Marketing course and undergoing relevant certifications.

The average salary for SEM professional is somewhere in between 20k and 25k. But as I said earlier Search Engine Marketing is one of those highly technical Digital Marketing Jobs where your skill is highly rewarded with proven experience.

3. Content Marketing:

We are living in blessed times where we can easily monetize on our passions. If writing is your passion, there are no jobs better than Content Marketing in terms of both money and career prospects.

Okay, we got it. But how important is a Content Developer for Digital Marketing, you ask? Simply put, content is the engine with which the Digital Marketing thrives by. Ask any Digital Marketing Expert he will be saying the same.

But is that all? “I can write well, Can I be a Content Marketer?”  you say?

No, that is not all about it. In order to be a Content Marketer, you need to have a working understanding of the Content Development in Digital Marketing companies. You need to adopt a style to influence the audience in different mediums by using relevant keywords.

You could start your career as a Content Writer and can slowly build up your career by gaining new skills and relevant experience. This could be a go to option for folks looking for home-based jobs in any content development company.

4. Social Media Marketing:

The gigantic rise of Social Media Platforms has created a vast number of opportunities for the millennials where they can use their skills in a much more effective way. Social Media Marketing is one such avenue in Digital Marketing Social Media guys with a bent for analytics.

We are in times where Social Media can make or break the brands. A Social Media Marketing Professionals is a guy who helps you in building your business brand and is also responsible for maintaining the brand’s presence across all the social media channels, ensuring healthy relationships with the customer base. Developing Social Media Posts, Gauging their performance using analytics, tinkering them to create the right effect, anything and everything related to the Social Media is under the nose of a Social Media Marketer.

As a fresher, you are expected to be a Social Media Marketer with working knowledge on the analytics and zeal to stay abreast of the recent trends. Salary for Social Media in Social Media Marketing Company hovers around the conventional 20k mark and could well be around 30k if you can make it to the top brands.

5. Web Developer:

Web Developer may seem like a surprise entry into this list but let us say why here.

A Web Developer is always on demand but what separates him from a Web Developer in a Digital Marketing Company is the sheer amount of exposure the latter has on online marketing and the revenue he brings to the company. Most of the Web Design Companies two time as Digital Marketing Companies for the same reason.

So, working in Digital Marketing Company helps a lot, but is there a demand for Web Developers in Digital Marketing? Yes, more than you have expected. Take a sneak peek into an Online Marketing Company, you will always find a team of Web Developers working in close quarters with the Digital Marketing team. A Digital Marketing craves for an adept Web Developer and they are always ready to pay high bucks if you are skill set matches their requirements.

So if you are someone who is looking for Web Development as a prospective career, search for the courses that are being offered by a Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development Company. If you are a fresher in Web Development, find a job in Digital Marketing Company, you cannot go wrong there.

The market is brimming with new jobs in Digital Marketing. According to the recent stats, there are as many as 10 lakh jobs were posted in all the major job platforms in the year 2019.

And we are only counting the number of postings, not the jobs. With an estimated growth rate of 21%, the figure can easily touch the 12 lakh mark.

So there is a high chance of scoring a job in Digital Marketing if you can skill-up!

Most of the first generation Digital Marketers is self-taught so it took them a good number of years to gain a concrete understanding of this field. It doesn’t mean you have to do the same. There are many courses, designed and developed by these experts that could fast track you into the Digital Marketing field. However, the real time work in Digital Marketing work can differ a lot and the best way to know the ropes of Digital Marketing is to learn it in real time by working alongside with the experts.

Being one of the top rated Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions has long tradition of encouraging new talents. So, if you are through with your Digital Marketing concepts and would like apply them real world while making a career for yourself in Digital Marketing, explore!

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