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The ability to analyse collected customer data, derive insight and apply them to make better marketing decisions is called Data-driven Marketing, the fundamental driving force for intelligent advertising and business strategy today.

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is a platform that makes it possible for businesses to establish a data-driven marketing strategy to help businesses reach their marketing goals.

It is a powerful analytics solution that helps you capture data from any device that is connected to the web; organizes the data, analyses it and presents you with insights that help you make that key business decision. Businesses can now throw the data into Adobe Analytics and get answers to the important questions that helps them reach their business goals.

Here are 4 things you need to know about this powerful Analytics Solution that is transforming decision-making around the world:

  1. Adobe Analytics is simple, flexible and easy-to-use:

In the world of analytics solutions which can only be accessed by the respective analysts only, Adobe analytics comes off as a fresh breeze with its simple, easy-to-use UI. Data visualizations, reports, components metrics, segments, time granularities everything is made as simple as possible for the non-technical users. So anyone and everyone can pick it up easily.

  1. You will never miss a detail with Adobe Analytics:

Ever heard the phrase God is in the details? When it comes to marketing – ‘Insight is in the details’. And insight is what Adobe Analytics is all about because you will never miss any details. Unlike Google Analytics which samples its data after a monthly limit, Adobe allows you to capture unlimited touchpoints to give you a perfect analysis and insights from your customer’s journey.

  1. Provides multichannel support out of the box:

With Adobe analytics you can now gather, analyse and report on data from multiple channels to precisely model a customer’s journey without losing any details. Though Google does offer general support, its channels are fairly limited. Adobe’s powerful functionality gives you a comprehensive profile of the customers and helps you analyse any touchpoint in their journey.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Enabled:

Integration with Adobe Sensei, a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tool makes Adobe Analytics truly remarkable and powerful analytics solution that can expose opportunities, risks and challenges for an average non-technical person without relying on a team of data scientists. It easily outperforms every Analytics solution in the market by a fair margin, in this front.

This is only a simple gist of one of the powerful analytics solutions, if not the most powerful analytics solutions available in the market today. We advise readers to go through Adobe’s native support to get a full-blown picture of this remarkable creation from Adobe.

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