Mad Men is a legendary TV series set in America in the 1960’s and talks primarily about advertisements. 2018 is a different era with a confluence of offline and online advertisement. Marketing is not simply the word of mouth, pamphlets and billboards rather it is a mixture of innovation and resources. Digital age has arrived and emerging into the thoughts of us with more clarity and widespread prevalence thanks to the technology influence. Digital Marketer is one who are seen with envy for they possess the ability to change the brand awareness and popularity with their skills. Let’s take a look at 12 must have social media skills for digital marketer.

  • Engage the World:

Social Media is all about socializing in the virtual world and making a bond with the people in the community on the particular platform. Create and post content that would be enriching for the followers of you. Create and share content that is relevant to the followers of yours. Engage with them be it a praise, suggestion or a criticism for it speaks about your intentions.

  • Visual Medium:

If you’ve read pretty much anything about digital marketing over the past year, you know that video is the way the world is going. Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Video – video and live streaming services are getting more and more users every day.

  • Automate the Posts:

There are a number of effective tools available that allow you to schedule and automate the posts you send across all your social media platforms. Hoot suite and Buffer two common and popular.

  • Content Creation:

Content is the king in digital world for it drives traffic and viewership across all platform. Original and eye catching content is the buzzword.

  • Know the Target Group:

Create and publish content that seems relevant to the target group of your brand. Target group identification is central theme for any digital marketer evolution.

  • Conversion:

Varying your content is the crucial way to earn new followers and keep the ones you have.

  • Brilliant and Eye Catching Writing:

Expressing the brand in the 140-character space or the Blogs words or the Instagram Quotes image is critical for the development of the brand.

  • Analytics:

Data is the cornerstone of a brand evolution and popularity. Find the time and the right tools to gauge the impact of a campaign. Ascertain the conversion rate and identify the right amount of progress details to make major changes in the next campaign.

  • Excellent Customer Support:

Social media has become a major avenue for customers to vent their dissatisfaction, make complaints, and generally get their problems with a product or service solved. Excellent feedback and support is essential to keep the brand positive image highlighted in the chaotic internet space.

  • SEO:

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of making your content appear higher on search engine results pages. Practise it and your brand web pages will appear in the top pages of the google and more traffic will occur.

  • Graphics:

Posting the right image is critical in order to expand the visual richness of brand. Having the ability to uncover new infographics and images in order to expand user interests. Right blend of text and visual drives the world of digital marketing.

  • Planning:

Haphazard planning is never the right way keeping in mind the evolving nature of internet influenced consumer behaviour. Pen down the tactics and strategy for the upcoming month and be ahead of the curve.

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