Google is an internet behemoth and being static is never in its DNA. Google revamps its SEO policy in a while, thus keeping the people and users on their toes. Earlier picking the domain name was simple as it could have a huge impact on the website ranking. Times have changed with the Google realizing that domain name not backed by other elements defeats the purpose of SEO. Importance of Domain Name for SEO can’t be understated anymore for it is crucial to garnering reputation and share in the search world.

Relation between domain name and SEO:

Brand worth all adds up if you don’t have the right website name in front of you. The website name adds quality to the brand as website is the first source of information about the brand. A brand having the right domain name increases your reach into the right target audience while rejuvenating your SEO rankings. A good domain name yields greater click through rates, trust factor, attention in the search pages and brand awareness.

Combining keywords and branding:

The domain name gives the intricate details about the company, or the products/services you offer. The website is a blank canvas offering you a chance to build your brand and to unleash the power of domain name and website for search engines. With new Google update, the relevancy of keyword specific domains is on a downward spiral. Exact match domains and other keywords domain specific websites not a flavour anymore. keywords aren’t the primary factor you consider when choosing a domain. Google CEO Eric Schmidt once said “Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool. Brand affinity is clearly hard-wired. It is so fundamental to human existence that it’s not going away.” So it makes obvious sense to concentrate on brand and keyword combination for future digital growth.

Tips for creating a good website domain:

  • Pick a .com extension for the website domain for .com is the most preferred website extension in the world.
  • A defining website name is crucial for it unleashes the information about the brand.
  • Relevancy can’t be talked more often in the context of the website.
  • Easy to spell websites names often found to be attractive.
  • Domain names should be short and crisp for better results. One or two words are brilliantly and succinctly gives information about the brand.
  • Be different from the crowd by giving a unique edge to the website by embarking on a path of different style. Give a stylish yet unique name which transcends the brand impact.

Final word:

Invoke the brand power with keywords and you have the best results in the form of an attractive website. Think multiple times before deciding the domain name. Samskriti Business Solutions is one of the Top Digital Marketing Company in India. Consult us with a click

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