16 Common On-Site SEO Mistakes you Might be Making Right Now

Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword across the daily briefings of a content developer. It is like the oxygen to a fledgling website struggling to get highlighted in the search page rankings. There has been a constant revamping of SEO algorithms keeping the SEO team across the world wide web on their toes. It is not an uncommon occurrence that there has been a lot of SEO errors creping in spite of the work. It is quite true that if one can work on removing the existing SEO errors, the rankings moves up in the search page rankings. Let’s have a look at some of the errors we make while working on onsite SEO.

  • Buying Links:

Paid Links deliver the short term boosts to the online rankings and help move the traffic. Google often finds the paid links account and downgrades them in the near future. Duplicate Content

  • Using “Black Hat” Methods for Quick Gains:

Implementing the black hat methods can lead to disapproval from the search engines and get banned from the page listings.

  • Leaving Title Tags Automated:

Title tags are one of the factors to help search engines understand what the page is about, and they are the first impression many people have of the page.

  • Keyword Stuffing:

One of the biggest SEO issues is the over use of the keywords in the website leading to the gives a poor user experience, as the out of context content seems out of place.

  • Writing Little Content:

This is a common occurrence about the lack of good or enough content for the web page but filling the web pages with keywords.

  • Use of Generic Descriptions for Posts:

Posts need an accurate and a creative description, not the oft used generic ones.

  • Not Updating the Sitemap:

Google often places the SEO benchmarks on the website sitemap availability. Sitemaps makes the website navigation easier for the users and an important part of communication for the search engines. It translates to easier movement and update on the search engine search.

  • Broken 404 Pages:

This is one of the rudimentary or basic errors in SEO world of mistakes. Broken pages are a source of a disappointment to the users and lead to a downgrade in the search rankings.

  • Not Optimizing for Local Search:

If the business is centered on local areas, it makes sense to have local search optimization that concern the local geographical areas.

  • Lack Organization:

Websites needs to follow a certain parameters and get in the act of being coherent in the content strategy and framework. There are many layers of content and need is to organize in a right manner for SEO ranking.

  • Building Too Many Links:

Google’s algorithm is advanced and works on the quality factor not on the quantity points.  Google emulates the rate at websites typically build links. If the link count is growing at an unheard pace, Google won’t rank the website well.

  • Missing Social Sharing options:

Website lacking the social sharing options leads to a lower ranking in the search engine ranking. It is time to have social sharing options in the website as search engine puts parameters on the social sharing options.

  • Duplicate content:

Using the same content in a same website leads to a big downturn in the SEO listings in the search page rankings. Making sure that every piece of written content put on the site is unique and preferably written from scratch. Original content is appreciated by search pages.

  • Not Adapting to Search Engine Changes:

Search engines regularly update their algorithms with time and often the website fails to attune their website. Time to be on the move and keep on changing the SEO in tune with the latest changes.

  • Choosing Keywords without Research:

Websites have the habit of indulging in the keywords for their content without looking at the importance of it. Key focus should be on the use of keywords that are relevant to the business or you would be left behind.

  • Lack of internal linking:

Optimizing the websites with the help of internal links is an asset for it generates the flow of traffic in the page plus the longer time users can spend on your websites leading to far greater than user traction.

There are far greater number of SEO tips one can follow to elevate the website movement on the search engine rankings yet these are the most basic ones we have to follow to avoid a downturn. Search engine rankings are crucial to the website traffic and business growth but if we don’t avoid some of rudimentary SEO errors, we are looking at losses.

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