3 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

Search Engine optimization is the headline of every meeting brief, discussion in the cubicles of SEO experts. The better the website in its design and user friendly content, the more chances of the website getting traction and leverage in the search engine rankings. There are lot of factors that influence the SEO practices and has a huge impact on any business growth model dependent on the SEO targeting. The basic fact is that SEO is all about site being structured in a way that search engines understand and goes a long way in giving higher search page listings to the website. Let’s have a quick look at the top 3 factors influencing the Search Engine optimization and the impact of it.

  • Content is the Key to SEO Success:

There was a passage of time in the SEO industry with a belief that cramming up keywords leads a tangible result in SEO rankings. Irrelevant keywords without any usage and addition to the website context hardly helps the case of SEO rankings in the search pages. So without the proper content to back up the keywords, it would be a travesty and waste of the website space and design. Search engine looks into the freshness of the content and how much is the content is changed over the time. So beef up the content and watch the content influenced websites rise in the SEO charts.

  • Relevant Keywords:

A good keyword relevant scores help the marketer to identify the best keyword suited to the business of them. Times have changed when keywords were the best option for growth and search page listings due to the impact of the keywords. Now, it is all about the relevant keywords that reveal information about the company and the business. Finding the right long-tail keywords and phrases will require some time but can attract visitors who want exactly what the company seeks to offer to the prospective clients and business. It is now all about relevancy in the content and keywords.

  • Quality Backlinks:

SEO has now moved away from the quantity of the backlinks to the right amount of backlinks in the website to generate user traffic and traction. Search engines want to provide relevance in their search results, and so it’s logical that relevance is the need and is the primary factor affecting the sites rank in their results. The quality of a backlink increases if the words that form the clickable text of the link are the same as, or similar to, the words that you’re trying to improve your rankings for the content. So, at the end the backlinks quality is the greatest point of term in the quest for good SEO rankings.

The above 3 factors are one of a long list of important factors needed to rejuvenate any SEO strategy. SEO strategy that takes into account the various updates eschewed by the search engine will come a long way in moving a website rankings in search engine results.

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