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LinkedIn is the first platform that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘B2B leads,’ and understandably so. A haven for a professional user base from all industries, LinkedIn is a great place to reach potential B2B customers.

It offers a more significant opportunity to establish expertise, provides excellent targeting options, and powerful lead generation tools to identify and target relevant customers. However, focusing solely on LinkedIn for B2B lead generation only limits your lead generation efforts.

As one of Hyderabad’s best lead generation companies, Samskriti has been leveraging both LinkedIn & Meta advertising for B2B lead acquisition with good measure. Meta ads have been the differential concerning SMO lead generation.

In this blog, we explain the value of Meta for B2B lead generation and then provide Meta ad conversion tips that can help you improve your B2B lead generation:

If LinkedIn is a Metal Detector, Meta is a Casting Net:

Meta, the largest social network in the world with 3 billion users, is an ocean with an extensively broad spectrum of audiences. In a few organizations where decision-making could be more concrete, and roles change over time, Meta advertising comes to the rescue with its diverse user base and wide-reaching capabilities.

With its pinpoint accuracy, LinkedIn advertising is like a metal detector that finds specific valuable things buried in the deep. In contrast, Meta ads are like casting a wide net in a particular location to find a diverse array of potential leads. Meta reaches out to the broadest spectrum of charges possible to fill the gaps and provide value in situations where LinkedIn fails.

By combining LinkedIn and Meta ads, B2B businesses can explore the potential market’s depth and breadth.

Meta Ads Strategy for B2B – 5 Meta Ad Conversion Tips for B2B Lead Generation:

While Meta offers an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience, digital marketers often need to tap their full potential in B2B lead generation. So, in this blog, with inputs from our social media marketers at Samskriti Business Solutions, we have put together a list of 5 Meta ad conversion tips that could bolster the Meta ads strategy for B2B2 lead generation:

1. Ensure your B2B Meta Ads are Mobile Friendly:

Most users today access Facebook and Instagram through mobiles, which necessitates mobile-friendly ads. At Samskriti, we found that shorter and more impactful ad copy with vertical images and videos performed better than other ad formats.

2. Choose Dynamic Creative:

Like Google’s dynamic search ads, Meta can help you find the winning combination by mixing and matching your ad assets across different audiences. While Meta may take some time to gain traction, this feature delivers excellent results since it optimizes for the best combination.

In our experience at Samskriti, Meta dynamic ads have generated a 60% boost in our Meta ad conversion rate, while the CPL (cost per lead) went down by 55% when we tested the dynamic ad creative feature.

3. Leverage dedicated Landing Pages:

The benefit of instant forms is that they capture interest and inspire action. However, instant form fills come with pre-fill columns, drastically reducing the lead’s quality.

At Samskriti, dedicated landing pages with simple yet relevant questions are used to weed out these low-quality leads. You can also include pertinent questions of instant forms to improve lead quality in case landing pages are unavailable.

4. Make Creative Interesting & Trust the Algorithm:

Videos work well for e-commerce, but we found that the classic image format is where B2B lead gen thrives. However, the creative is effectiveness directly depends on its focus on the audience.

Ensure the image is compellingly significant and so specific that it directly sticks to the intended audience. A compelling ad copy that relates and resonates with the audiences further helps in meta-ad conversions.

As for choosing the right platform, one always needs to find out where the audience exactly is. So, at Samskriti, we leave the decision to the algorithm and ask it to push the ad to people wherever they may be, whether it is Facebook or Instagram.

5. Bet High on Lookalike Audience:

If you’re starting from scratch, you may need more information about your target audience. Interest stacking does help in choosing the ideal audience by testing out and fine-tuning the strategy. But the faster way to find the right audience is to use the lookalike feature.

If your business has existing customers, lookalike can work exceptionally well in finding your base set of audience. At Samskriti, we find the most similar customers for our clients through LinkedIn through data scraping and data enrichment and use this data to find the lookalike audience on Meta for faster results.

Meta is an underrated and valuable channel for B2B lead generation. It gives you access to a broad set of audiences and delivers leads at much lower costs while concurrently improving brand awareness and visibility. That said, Meta ads for B2B lead generation are still a tough nut to crack unless the social media marketer deeply understands the channel and tailors their social media mastery specifically towards B2B.

At Samskriti, we have been helping B2B businesses in the technology, marketing, and energy sectors score high-quality leads through Meta for years. If you are looking for B2B lead generation in Hyderabad, you can contact us here:

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