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No matter how unique and valuable your content is or how well you build links, a webpage page will only secure better search engine rankings if the technical SEO is in good shape.

Technical SEO is the foundation that powers content-building and link-building processes and serves as a launch pad for advanced SEO strategies. Unfortunately, it is also where most SEOs used to falter due to a lack of the right tools – but not anymore.

In this AI-age that is led by Chat-GPT, the lack of access to tools is not a problem for a digital marketing professional, but lack of awareness can be.

“Today, there are plenty of technical SEO tools that can shed light on the technical issues which were difficult to find once upon a time. Even better, plenty of all-in-one technical SEO tools that can work wonders on any SEO project,” says an SEO specialist at Samskriti Business Solutions. But this flurry of SEO tools today, comes with a side effect.

The sea of available tools may make it difficult to fish the right one out, which can provide the right value with the least effort. If you are an SEO in the same situation, this blog is for you. As a leading SEO services company in Hyderabad, we have used and sampled almost all the prominent SEO tools for our projects, and below are the ones we think can offer astonishing value for SEOs out there:

4 Essential Technical SEO Tools That Can Supercharge Your SEO Performance:

Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog is a world’s leading SEO tool that can provide a robust and comprehensive technical help, identifying and fixing technical issues, auditing website structure, improving loading speed, and optimizing for mobile devices. It comprehensively covers every technical aspect of SEO, making it easy to find issues and find the correct optimizations.

At Samskriti, we regularly use Screaming Frog to identify and fix broken links, find and remove duplicate content, audit redirects, check for missing title tags and Meta descriptions, generate an XML sitemap, and audit website structure.


Botify is a powerful enterprise SEO platform that helps businesses optimize their website for search rankings. Leveraging AI, it offers a complete end-to-end solution for enterprise SEO, particularly those with large volume of website pages. Its power becomes evident in technical SEO by identifying and fixing even the most complex technical issues. It provides a comprehensive SEO picture from a crawl perspective and helps optimize the crawl budget.

Botify ensures smooth site migrations, improves site architecture and internal linking by shedding light on orphan pages, audits webpages, spots new opportunities for search snippets, spots page loading issues, and performs picture-perfect device analysis to optimize mobile performance. Botify, particularly specializes in enterprise SEO, managing and optimizing thousands of pages. If you are an enterprise with a large volume of pages and complexed link structure, Botify should be your top choice.


SEMrush is the most versatile SEO toolkit available today, specializing in advanced keyword research and content analysis. While its claim to fame is its set of all-purpose SEO tools, it also provides equally powerful technical SEO analysis that identifies and helps fix the issues on the website.

Site Audit, Crawlability, Indexability, Backlink Analysis, Structured Data, Site Performance, HTTPS Implementation – SEMrush provides comprehensive technical help in weeding out issues and providing necessary optimizations. “The true power of technical SEO lies in its ability to identify problems and work in conjunction with total SEO goals, which only happens when its capabilities are seamlessly integrated into one platform like SEMrush,” says one of our SEO specialists at Samskriti.

With unique and deep insights into ranking, competitor, and market analysis data, SEMrush provides exceptional value as a technical analysis tool, providing stupendous returns when invested. Because technical SEO is only one aspect, enterprise SEO or small business SEO will need a complete tool set that can fix issues across multiple elements and keep the wheel running seamlessly. A comprehensive tool like SEMrush provides exceptional returns for any and every project.


Majestic is an exceptional tool that provides a masterclass on backlink profiles and analysis. It gives complete information on anchor text, backlink profiles, referring domains, deleted and new backlinks, and broken links.

With Majestic, you can even uncover toxic backlinks in your backlink profile, identify lost pages that lose quality traffic, and instantly assess the quality of inbound links. The visual link graphs of Majestic are another exclusive feature that provides an instant visual representation of your website network, enabling you to identify issues over time.

Its link intelligence, provided in context, makes it a powerful tool. In addition to popular backlink metrics, it offers link intelligence data that provides advanced insights. For example, Majestic provides link context that gives insights into the placement and effectiveness of the links on a page. Through metrics like Citation Flow and Trust Flow, it also analyses the strength and trustworthiness of these links. If your project focuses on improving backlink structures and performance, it isn’t easy to look beyond Majestic.

While Screaming Frog is an affordable and all-purpose SEO tool, Majestic focuses on backlink analysis. Botify works best for enterprise SEO with a high volume of pages, and SEMrush is a versatile all-in-one SEO tool that works for everyone. The above four tools are essential SEO tools that can shed light on the backend of the technical aspects to help them quickly fix the broken parts and improve the total SEO performance.

As a leading SEO services company in Hyderabad with a dedicated web development wing, we have always equipped our clients with a robust technical foundation, a key ingredient in our success. SEOs starting out today can achieve similar performance by leveraging advanced SEO tools available now.

However, a tool is only as good as the SEO expertise that leverages it. If you are a large enterprise or a small business that is looking for SEO services in Hyderabad that can fully harness the above tools to secure better SEO performance, you can consult us at Samskriti here.

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