After a 10 month long gap from the previous update in February 2013 on Google Toolbar PageRank, there is a fresh update that is going to have an impact on the PageRank without any doubt. PageRank is a grade designated to specific pages within a logarithmic scale between 0 & 10 depending on the website’s value and total back links it holds.

It is going affect the total SEO Analysts marketing strategies to a great extent. Google has released PageRank update as PageRank is the most substantial and visible metric to determine the value of a website based on its quality link base. The present and latest from Google on Google Toolbar PageRank is quite important as no one had seen its entry. Since PageRank is only one of important factor for Google’s search Algorithm, there is no need to preoccupy over the issue.
Google’s continues update is only to show its value in measuring the amount and overall quality of links pointing to your site.

An overview on PageRank
Page Rank is named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. It is algorithm used by Google Search Engine to rank websites depending on various parameters of website appearing in the search engine results.

Counting the number and quality of links to a page is by PageRank determines the importance of a website. The basic hypothesis here is the more are the number of quality links to a website from other websites, the more important is the website.