Facebook finally discloses and make it clear that Organic Reach for pages is going to decline gradually in the coming days. Most of the companies and businesses using Facebook are finding it difficult to reach the audience through unpaid promotion as most of the viewers hardly view few of their news stories that appear in the news feed. Many businesses have even expressed and suspect that a major chunk of boosting business through Facebook is sponsored posts of the brands through the interesting ads.

Growing competition in the display of news stories in the news feed has brought the concept of bringing quality & timely news feeds to display. Facebook has ultimately admitted that businesses now have to spend on Ads in order to get their business posts on top news feed so as to make it viewed by the people who earlier liked their brand page.

On a clear note: Facebook states, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

With this move from Facebook, It is quite clear that just mere getting a like for the business page does not get them engaged in future even with great content. Facebook delivering lesser organic liked pages in users feeds will make LIKES lesser worth.

The future of business that only relies on Facebook organic reach will have to suffer if they are not taking a step to invest in ads. If you really want to get into the limelight of news feed, you will have to spend on ads. Facebook advertising is now the best way to reach more quality people who are familiar to your brand and happen to take interest in your shares and content. Facebook is now going to an expensive mode of advertising for many businesses.

Generating business results on Facebook would now be more commercial than mere unpaid. It is going to be a tough time for people who already invested in growing in their fan base. There will be an increased competition for limited space in the news feed as less and less brand’s content.

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