Content Sharing is a way to show people the right content at the right time. The benefit of news feed in one of major tycoons of social sharing sites Facebook, is to know people’s mind set through the likes and sharing pattern and how they connect to the content shared through their comments and conversation.

It is estimated that News feed shows around an average of 15000 possible stories, due to which the competition for News feed is growing rapidly. It is reflected as many people are sharing more content and fresh feeds creeping in every minute you refresh your home screen. There is a tough competition among pages for their news feed to appear and pages are going to face changes in the distribution.

It is a major threat to most of the pages, as it might decline in its organic reach. The trend is going to set a new competition for each news story making it focus more on strength and quality of the news feed. It is time for page owners to focus on how best they use the strategy of reaching the right set of people’s to appear in news feed. Facebook advertising is going to play a major role to get your users and fans of the pages reach your news feeds as well find new customers. 

On the major crunch in the marketing, Facebook advertising and content sharing has a lot to do for businesses. Businesses, which use Facebook to reach and engage customers, need to make sure they maintain a good balance between the quality and time of the news feed.

To manage a page is not a simple task of just posting and updates, it is much beyond that. Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in establishing a great platform for businesses to reach and stick in the minds of customers. Many digital companies provide different kind of marketing techniques to boost the revenues and the brand equity of the businesses.

Samskriti Business Solutions, as a digital marketing company has social media strategists who can plan a marketing strategy for your Facebook page to make you appear prominent in news feeds. We have social media analysts who can shape your page to the current trends and manage the page with organic reach as well paid form of advertising.

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