The amazing thing about online shopping is flexibility, with technology at finger tips of many, online shoppers are now keen and on look out for a more personalised shopping activity. To suit and match the exact requirements of customer, e-Commerce sites are initiating to include multi parameters like customer’s browsing and shopping behavior, conduct of users with a similar profile and taste to suggest products in real-time.

Personalisation is becoming, increasingly essential for e-Commerce sites to figure out on how to retain customers and upgrade their sale ratios. According to recent research reports, around $700 million across 61 deals has been raised by e-Commerce sites. The major point of success for online shopping sites is through marketing and customer acquisition activities.

Many online shopping websites had earlier invested in customer acquisitions and now the time is to invest in customer retention. Customer personalisation idea is in vogue to create wonder in the online market. One of the greatest challenges to the entire e-Commerce world is to find what customer is looking for and suggest them similar products with attractive offers.

E-Commerce websites has now every possible feature to know the likes and buying patterns of customers and have some or the other form of social widget like Facebook to directly sell their products through the brand pages like F-Commerce. Online shopping sites are going to venture to act intelligently for improving their conversation sales and retaining the customers in real time shopping activity.

Ad campaigns, brand positioning and other marketing strategies through digital marketing will play a major role in personalising shopping for the online buyer. It gives insights, instant feedback, reports, information that makes it easy and different from traditional media. Many digital marketing and e-Commerce development companies work hand in hand to develop online shopping portals that provide personalised options for customers to shop.

According to recent studies by marketing researchers and analyst, 59% of online shoppers find it easy to explore interesting products on personalised online retail stores, 56% of online shoppers are likely to revisit the site that recommends products, 53% of online shoppers feel personalised shopping to be valuable service of retailers and 45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on the site that offers personalised recommendations.

Around 57% of online shoppers are quiet willing to their personal information as long as it benefits them. 77% of online shoppers feel it trustworthy if the retailers explained how they use the customer’s personal information. The most exciting part of personalised display ad is having 10 times higher CTR when compared to traditional display ads.

Personalising online shopping is the key to success for e-Commerce websites.