When Webmasters are eagerly waiting updates for the Google Panda 4.2, slow roll out of Google panda 4.2 is belying them to see immediate results on algorithms, whether positive or negative. Although the reasons cited by Google relates to internal issues, reliable sources pin point to technical drawbacks that is affecting fast roll out of this algorithm. Compared to others in the past, when it took only days, utmost weeks, this roll out is taking months and going by apprehensions, may even take longer.

John Mueller explains that the roll out is not intended to confuse people but crawling slowly, while indexing normally and using the content as well to recognize sites that are higher and lower in quality. It is not for design part, but technical reasons are holding back the roll out. This has resulted in web pages not experiencing a change although the algorithm is site-wide. This update can be the 29th or 30th, with the last one- Panda 4.1- rolling out way back in September, 2014, about 10 months ago. According to reports, 2% to 3% of English language queries is being affected, and anyone penalized by Panda when the last update was made, has chances to emerge if they had already made the changes. The changes may not have immediate impact, but can expect experiencing changes in organic rankings in due course of time. Websites may experience sudden decline or increase in web traffic in quick time as a result of the slow roll out of Google Panda 4.2.

With no Panda update taking place this weekend, web masters are apprehensive about the impact that sites can experience in their search engine rankings. When asked, Google denied that the slowness is due to the feedback during roll out, and cited reasons relating to technical drawbacks. The roll out is so slow that even it was not registered with “algo weather”, a popular app, and speculations are high to see if the roll out is prolonged till the Penguin update, which is scheduled to be months away. There has been a conflicting reaction, where some apprehend that not much chaos would be created in search results over a short period of time, others are finding it painful waiting for the final update to see what impact is created.

Slow roll out of Google Panda 4.2 can see sites that have brought changes, experience a rise in search engine rankings, while penalties being levied on others. All are waiting in anticipation for the algorithm to finally roll out, which may be near.

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