An unexpected development took place, where Google announced that it would be a fully owned subsidiary company of Alphabet Inc., a new holding company incorporated by Google, and that Sundar Pichai would be the new CEO of Google. Handing over the daily work to the new CEO, Brin and Page, Co-founder of Google takes over as President and CEO of the holding company.

It is definitely a proud moment for India with Sundar Pichai being appointed CEO of Google, who will look after the internet products, as decided, while other activities outside its realm will be handled by Alphabet. A slight turmoil seems to surface in the affairs of Google, and with Page and Brian withdrawing themselves from the core internet activities, apprehensions are going round. According to the duo, it is for ambitious projects in the future that they have decided to take over broader range of projects at high level.

With this reformation, Google will now be slightly trimmed and Pichai will be responsible to face the pressure of expectations on revenue growth and Wall Street, although the name that is going to be traded will be Alphabet instead of Google. The new CEO, together with his associates now have a job in hand, facing the challenges of stock market valuation while the company is undergoing the transition. Reacting to the market apprehensions, Pichai said he wanted to focus on a number of innovative products on which work is already on. SEO marketers have nothing to worry at present, as things will remain the same as far search in Google Adwords is concerned. Market expectations are that Pichai will be a force in the development of Google, and will be an ambitious CEO, looking into the interests of Google and for Googlers.

Within short time, and based on the analysis made by Wall Street, Google stock is already up, belying speculations of a reverse trend due to the transition. According to sources, Pichai has been a unanimous choice, especially after he took over the reins in guiding engineering and product to foster Google’s internet business since October. The progress of Google and the dedication that have been putt in his efforts, makes the new CEO the perfect incumbent for the post. Insiders in the Google administration expressed their excitement in Pichai being appointed new CEO, who is expected to further the progress of the subsidiary company. He is expected to bring in innovation while extending the boundaries of internet activities to ensure that his company will be able to make giant strides in bringing information to the world. Surely, this is a proud moment for all Indians.

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